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Happy Birthday to Me!!! (Feb 9th) February 10, 2013

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Well, at 4:25 pm February 9th, 1985 I was born. That explains why I’m such a night owl. There’s no way they were getting me out before noon….the afterbirth had to about kill me for me to get out of bed ;P. My mom has a sword scar from where we both fought to stay alive.  Anywho, I am 28 years old now and will be the same age as my hubby until May 13th when he turns 29.birthday celebration Feb 2013 009

It’s my birthday so I’ll be a bit self indulgent if I want to…..

birthday celebration Feb 2013 010

birthday celebration Feb 2013 011

birthday celebration Feb 2013 012

My guys have to deal with this lol……..yeah I got my own birthday banner and table cloth. My latest ocd obsession is retro owls and Lalaloopsy dolls. They’re just “sew cute”.  Mom & my stepdad Kim got me cupcakes and a balloon. Chris fixed me bacon for breakfast.

I’m used to being spoiled for my birthday. My parents were not rich but they always did something for my birthday. My Dad loved to cook so he made my cakes. I had a Disney Princess party for my 18th birthday….yeah…spoiled. When my hubby was deployed to Iraq the first time my mom lived with me. When I got home from work on my birthday that year, she had our dog & cat in birthday hats.


So I woke up this morning after having a bittersweet dream. I dreamt that my parents had left me these birthday treats on a table after I got out of class. I still dream I’m in school (so frustrating). I woke up really missing my Dad. My hubby didn’t do much for his birthdays as a kid so I’ve had to “train” him in that area. Also I’ve learned to spoil myself. I will buy myself flowers and chocolate if I have to lol.  I have planned my own birthday parties as an adult. Once it was a bowling party. Last year I stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time in my life. I got plenty of writing done. My family did stop by with cake before leaving me to myself. Mom had blown up lots of balloons.

Michael’s present to me (pic of giraffe)


This year I did not want to be alone….not for a second. I was a bit depressed. I got tickets for my family and I to see a Hockey game….something we had not done in years. In fact, this was only my second hockey game in my life (same as Michael). I’m not sure why the sport appeals to me……most of the cheering occurs when the players fight. Did I mention I used to love watching wrestling with my Dad and Uncle?




It was family night so the Chik Fila cows were there. Little stuffed cows parachuted down to the fans.



There’s also this awesome blimp that drops prizes.


Hockey is so easy to understand…..get it in the goal and score or the other team gets it in your goal and scores. Simple. I like that.

Look the Zamboni (right corner)


Chris thinks I’m a bit arrogant but I prayed for our team to get a tie breaking point and we did, immediately after I prayed. God may not care about the outcome of sports but it was my birthday and He loves me. I’m His daughter. It’s not bad to pray that God let’s my team win for my birthday. Yep, we did win. Michael was super excited too….he shouted a “Praise God!”.

We didn’t catch any prizes but we saw a guy from church that works at the rink sometimes. He gave Michael a puck that was used in the game.  Michael put it with his model cars. 🙂

birthday celebration Feb 2013 015

So despite a bit of depression, the day and night went well. The greasy corn-dogs smelled better than they tasted but my stomach and I made it home alright.

Thank you Jesus for another birthday!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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  1. Tishrei Says:

    Happy birthday Amber! 🙂

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