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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Valentine Decor, Triple Birthday Celebration, & Making Old Dolls New February 10, 2013

In this Post: Valentine Decor, triple birthday celebration with Mom & Hannah, & preparing the American Girls for a tea party (a.k.a how to make old dolls like new). I also made a table and chairs for the dolls with only $6!

Hello dear ones 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m feeling a bit under the weather since my Hockey outing but not sure why. I have sad news. Our white mouse “Snow White” died. We think she was sick when we got her. She just started acting blind and weak. It was sad for us all but the Tigger movie and hot chocolate really helped. We never had a funeral because it has rained on and off so much. So I’ve just been spending more time with Cinderella (brown mouse). I gave her a bath tonight and she was not happy. I hope she will live a long mouse life.

Moving on….

Anywho, my sister got me the lovely butterfly table runner below. You know I love to decorate for the holidays…even Valentines! I didn’t have any flowers so I decided to make some heart flowers using conversation heart stickers. And I figured my hugging salt and pepper shakers were romantic :).

birthday celebration Feb 2013 196

I had some cookie pop sticks and I just took two heart stickers and sandwiched them on top of the stick. Then I took a smaller sticker to make the center of the flower. I just used pink tissue paper to fill the clear vase.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 197

Other touches include pink and purple throw blankets and some Family Dollar body pillows that have pastel colors.



I didn’t have to do much to make our home feel lovey dovey. Th entrance way has a heart rug I made last year out of carpet scraps. There’s a knight and princess painting I did awhile back (inspiration from thatartistwoman blog). Michael and I made some cute owls in little houses. I kept one and hung it with a heart wreathe I got from the Dollar Tree.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 004

You can tell the rug has had some wear…

birthday celebration Feb 2013 005

birthday celebration Feb 2013 006

Last weekend was my Mom’s birthday. We are exactly a week apart. Feb 6th was my best friend Hannah’s birthday. So I decided to treat us all to a triple birthday celebration last Saturday. Us ladies got up early (for me) and met at the nail salon for pedicures. Thankfully a Mcdonalds was nearby so we had brunch at the same time. It was wonderful to have my two best friends together.

Me and Mom. I love girl time! It is SO rare.


Mom getting her piggies painted


Hannah enjoying girl time without the kiddos


Hannah had to go before we took pics. Mom and I got the same X’s and O’s and hearts design. I drew it and showed the nail artist. I always like neat designs. LOL our feet almost look the same except my jeans are covering mine.


It is bad to go to Walmart with my Mom….I buy frivolous things…like lipstick PJs.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 195

So our plan was to eat at Fuddruckers and then have dessert at Sweet Frog. Mom stayed with me so I could paint her fingernails for free. I found some neat girly gifts at Walmart. I also found this neat candle with my name on it “Cashmere Amber”. So I got us all one and wrote “Think of Me” and “BFF” on their candles.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 180

I like these almost identical gift bags. I wanted to get very girly gifts…lipstick and such…because I know it’s rare we get these gifts. Hannah and I are busy mommy’s used to focusing on our kids and my Mom spends her time taking care of the elderly as a CNA. It’s nice to be pampered.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 184

I got several neat gifts for my birthday. I really liked these two below.

This Lalaloopsy doll came from my mom. I don’t really need another doll but for some reason I like these dolls. I have stickers of them and such. I used to believe they were creepy because of their button eyes. I guess they grew on me. I even watched the cartoon to see what “personalities” the dolls have. I felt a bit guilty telling my mom what I liked etc when she asked. But I figure I’m 28 and still a big kid. This is who I am and I’m obviously not growing out of it. It’s not sinful so I’m just accepting that’s me.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 183

I already told you I have this obsession with retro owls now. Well, I don’t know how Hannah knew but she made it worse (in a good way lol) with this cute owl cookie! I literally apologized to the cookie for eating it. I had to convince myself to eat the cookie. I just wanted to stare at it. I’m thinking I may start painting retro owls….

birthday celebration Feb 2013 182

After a delicious dinner we met up at Sweet Frog. Mom and Kim had not tried the yogurt before. Here they are sampling the different flavors from the wall.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 186

Liam, my Michael, and Olivia

birthday celebration Feb 2013 187

Us, Mom & Kim, Hannah & James

birthday celebration Feb 2013 188

It’s good to be with friends….especially those closest to me.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 189

Hannah opening her gifts

birthday celebration Feb 2013 191

Mom checking out her “Amber” candle. I’ m not as vain as I seem lol. I just really love my name. Mom & Dad did a good job.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 192

In the next couple of weeks or so I plan on having an American Girl doll tea party with Olivia (Hannah’s daughter), Lord willing. We will probably invite the little boys too. My two dolls (Molly & Samantha) are old. I think I got Samantha when I was ten or eleven. Their hair was all tangled and their faces were dirty.

I wanted to make them nice for the tea party. So I bought some baby clothes and pinned them to fit right. Then I found this website that shows how to fix doll hair etc…

Link here:

I washed my dolls’ hair because it was dirty and then I Downy dunked it to soften the hair enough for combing.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 199

I was careful to keep their eyes dry so they wouldn’t rust. I also wiped their face and arms and legs with a baking soda paste.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 198

My husband had planned on making a table for the tea party but instead we chose to use that money to make a cat climbing tree.  So I got creative and decided to make a table and chairs from stuff at the Dollar Tree. Pic below..

Here’s how I did it…

$1 plastic tray + $1 plastic vase + hot glue= table

$1 plastic red crates + white foam poster cut to shape= chairs

birthday celebration Feb 2013 200

Samantha and Molly after they’ve been cleaned up. I gave the ends of their hair a little trim. They are ready to party!

birthday celebration Feb 2013 201

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: It’s Valentine’s Thursday! Check out these neat ideas at this link:

Remember email subscribers to go to my blog to see links.

I may blog about some of these date ideas next Sunday ;).


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