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A Late My Family Rocks! Sunday: Father Son Project & A Nice Surprise February 25, 2013

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In this post: The guys make a cat jungle for way cheaper than buying one, Chester & Cinderella meet, and a lovely day trip surprise :).

Hello dear ones! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was interesting. I was in the ER late Saturday night/ Sunday morning for chest pain which thankfully turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck. But Purim went on as planned Sunday and the weekend was good besides getting blood drawn etc. I’ll post Purim pics next week or so.

Last week, Chris and little man put together a cat jungle thing. These things sell for a hundred to a hundred fifty. My very handy hubby made this one for only fifty bucks!  The kitty will climb on it to eat food but he’s yet to understand the concept of where and where not to scratch. Honestly, I think he was brain damaged when he got neutered. Chester has been NUTS and completely bipolar since his surgery!

Valentines 2013 112

Valentines 2013 113

Valentines 2013 118

Here’s our crazy cat watching Cinderella, the mouse…

Purim2013 047

“What is this strange force field guarding the rodent? I must investigate!” ~Chester

Purim2013 048

I got lost a couple of weeks ago while driving back from a friends nearby. I love how God interrupts our lives with little surprises. I had no clue that this super kewl waterfall thing was in my neighborhood (I’ve been here over six years). I had seen the lake at what seemed to be a mundane park. Had I not got lost then I would have never seen where the lake became a water fall and the really beautiful place at the bottom.

Purim week 2013 019

We finished book work early last week and I surprised Michael with a picnic at the falls. Granted this place isn’t well kept but I believe there is beauty in wild things too.

Purim week 2013 029

Purim week 2013 015

There was an old run down pavilion up the hill. We decided to explore. It was covered with graffiti and vines. It reminded me of a witch’s cottage.  I can find “magic” anywhere lol. That’s what comes with an overactive imagination…

Purim week 2013 018

Purim week 2013 024

The gazebo and the lake

Purim week 2013 026

Purim week 2013 020

Ready for a picnic 🙂

Purim week 2013 014

My Mom and Step-Dad Kim instilled a love for exploring, in me. When I was a kid we would stop at random places and find hidden trails etc. Sometimes it felt like living in a story book. My Mom and I moved a lot.  We mainly lived in trailers, small apartments, or old houses. It wasn’t the Ritz but if I could find a secret spot just for me then it was okay…maybe it would be a small hole in the wall that I hid things etc… Because of my experience I’ve learned to see beauty and adventure in the smallest of things. I pray Michael will learn this as well. I can’t imagine how boring things would be if Birds and butterflies (sometimes even snails) didn’t amuse me. Yeah, we have “pet” snails that come to live on our door when it rains. I’d catch them but after a smelly experience with a salamander I figure muddy creatures should stay outside.

Purim week 2013 009

Anywho, thanks Mom and Kim for the wisdom and memories. Thanks to my Dad (who is with Jesus) for also teaching me to let music take me places.

Now, back to you my readers…. I hope all of you can go out this week and find wonder in the small treasures….whether it be ladybug or rainbow. If so, please leave me a comment of your experience or past experiences. When you turn on a song, close your eyes, and let it take you somewhere. Imagination and creativity is such a special gift from God. We are made in His image after all and Father God is the greatest creator and artist. May we take our eyes off  of the bad news on the t.v. and look at what’s still innocent in the world…..then savor it. See the Lover of our soul, Jesus Christ, through the beauty of life.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “A Late My Family Rocks! Sunday: Father Son Project & A Nice Surprise”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Amber, I am so impressed with that cat tree! They did a great job! Too bad Chester is having some problems! Maybe soon … 🙂

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