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Crafty Monday: Dinosaurs & Purim February 25, 2013

In this Post: Several Purim crafts, dinosaur crafts, cinnamon germs, a bird journal, and math with fruit loops & goldfish etc…

Hello friends, as you know we’ve started majoring in one or two subjects each day along with our every day book work. So I will break up our projects in that way. Last week, we continued learning about the Biblical story of Queen Esther and the celebration of Purim. We also studied dinosaurs. Enjoy the pics and my Pinterest link will be at the end :).

By the way, here is our Purim post from last year. Funny, we studied dinosaurs then too…

Artsy Monday–  Michael made these toilet paper tube crowns.

Purim week 2013 004

This hand print Peacock.

Angry Birds part one 008

Haman ears or hats out of paper plates and tissue paper.

Purim week 2013 003

I made this royal scepter with a wooden dowel and a golden egg (both from Michael’s craft store).

Purim week 2013 008

Puppet theater out of a file folder and scrapbook paper. Michael colored and cut out the characters (Esther, Mordecai, the King, Haman, & Jews praying).

Purim week 2013 007

There’s a pocket inside to hold the puppets. We simply pasted the puppets onto Popsicle sticks.

Purim week 2013 006

Cooking is on Mondays but rarely happens then. I actually decided to do cooking on Saturday so I could teach Michael how to make Haman ears. You can see the finished project Sunday on my complete Purim post ;).

Purim2013 061

Purim2013 065

Typing and Science Tuesdays–  Michael studied fossils in his science book and we did a couple of dinosaur crafts.

We read a book on about a greedy dinosaur called the Mine-o-saur.

I got the craft ideas from

Dinosaur silhouette

Purim week 2013 042

Angry Birds part one 007

Pastel resist T-rex fossil

Purim week 2013 044

Purim week 2013 046

Math & Music Wednesday

We made noise makers for Purim. I forgot to take a pic.

Math ideas found here:

Then we played greater than and less than with an alligator and goldfish.

Purim2013 001

Michael practiced estimation with fruit loops.

Purim2013 004

Geography/social studies/history Thursday

Michael found Persia (now Iran) on the globe

Purim2013 016

We watched the video below on Purim. Remember email subscribers to come to my blog to see the links.

I used the dinosaur land form idea from:

I drew it with blank labels and made a copy for Michael. Then I labeled and colored mine so he could copy it.  What a great way to remember what a peninsula looks like!

Purim2013 018

Nature studies/language arts/ health Fridays

Cinnamon germs–

Purim2013 043

Look what happens when we touch the door. Germs (cinnamon) gets all over it. Michael learned it takes at least thirty seconds to properly wash his hands.

Purim2013 042

Bird Journal– Michael cut out bird pictures from a magazine to put on the cover of his journal.

Purim2013 044

I printed off twenty Bird of the Day papers for the inside. Link here:

Purim2013 045

Voila! Now we’re ready to go bird watching!

Angry Birds part one 009

Purim Pinterest link:

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


4 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Dinosaurs & Purim”

  1. mummyshymz Says:

    Oh I love the cinnamon germs idea! Great way to visualize the concept.

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