The High King Lives

March 2, 2013

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Hello dear ones :), It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday and today we’re having a party. Enjoy this post I did last year with quotes and pics. If this doesn’t show up in email please come to my blog to see it. I’ve got some great Dr. Seuss ideas on my Pinterest. Link here:
God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


Today my son and I went to see “The Lorax”. I am not a tree hugger (maybe a tree climber lol) but I do believe we should take care of our natural resources and be good stewards of God’s creation. You know I am all about balance and that applies to thinking “green” as well. I believe human beings are more important than trees because we actually have a spirit & when we die we go to Heaven or Hell. I don’t have to preach to trees. That being said trees are obviously important because God made them & they give us air to breathe. I think the whole point of the movie was to not be greedy and destroy all our trees for money. Here’s some balance: if you’re going to chop down a tree then plant a dozen more in it’s place. Don’t waste and don’t overproduce. Easier…

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