The High King Lives

Inspirational Wednesday part one: Why I’m Okay With Easter Eggs etc March 28, 2013

Hello dear ones, some of you may not care and others of you may truly want to know why my opinion of Easter changed. How I went from thinking it was pagan to being fine with egg hunts etc. I was going to include this with my message today (oops yesterday. Sorry I write best after midnight lol!) but I don’t want to take away the focus from the message of the cross. So this post will be separate and I’ll eventually add it to my “about me” page with my beliefs and such (yeah working on that too). This post may also help my relatives who wondered why I snarled at them for trying to give Michael an Easter basket…tehehehe I wasn’t that bad and why the last two years I’ve been okay with Easter.

2 weeks before Easter 024

You may know (if not well it’s out now lol) that I was once a part of the Hebraic Roots Movement. I still love Hebraic music and dances. I still have a deep love for Israel and always will. I still enjoy celebrating Biblical feasts but not because I feel I must and I no longer celebrate Hanukkah or have a Seder. They are fun celebrations but now I enjoy Advent and Lent. I was once vehemently (whew big word) against Easter celebrations like egg hunts and even the word “Easter” itself. I believed it was pagan and came from the name of a pagan goddess. PS: I believed some of these things before the HR movement because of Chic tracts but my belief was deepened when I was in the HR Movement. After research and coming out of the Hebrew Roots Movement I have completely changed my view and believe these things are harmless unless we idolize them.  Anything we idolize can be harmful…even our family. We don’t celebrate the Easter bunny. You know we often play pretend (like on our Leprechaun hunt) but Michael knows the difference between reality & fantasy. A majority of what we do in our household centers around the Bible (except like our Wizard of Oz party…yep it’s pagan 😉 Just kidding..being snarky…sorry).

After leaving the movement I found this blogger and she had tons of research in one place. She is much better at apologetics than me. So if you have questions please ask her. I spend most of my day wandering around trying to remember what I’ve forgotten. I am not the one to argue with ;).  Here are her two posts on the history of Easter:

She puts where she gets her info in this post:

She’s blunt and I believe probably frustrated with what she was put through in the HR movement. I know I spent lots of time hearing how other Christians were so evil for dying eggs and attending church on Sundays. I hated that cause the body of Christ shouldn’t be about making ourselves elite above others. I don’t agree with the HR movement but I still have friends that I love dearly in it. We may end up agreeing to disagree but this is my journey with Easter and I wanted to share it with you.

Also I heard constantly in the HR movement that the name “Jesus” is pagan. For the Love of Truth has a long and detailed post on the etymology of the name “Jesus”. At the beginning she quotes what is being said in the HR movement (what I heard often) and then she gets into where we get “Jesus” from.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: part two that’s centered on the cross is in the works. I think my cookie dough (eggless) dessert is distracting me…


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