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The Last Supper: In Remembrance of Me (in music) March 28, 2013

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Hello dear ones, if you can’t see this video, email subscribers, then please come to my blog to see it. I wanted to share with you a unique musical allegory of the Last Supper. Many years ago several Christian musicians came together to perform “!Hero: The Rock Opera”. It is a modern retelling of the gospel. Unlike some musicals of this sort it’s themes and the gospel message isn’t tainted.

The setting is New York (representing Jerusalem)

Icon, a one world government represents Rome

There is one synagogue and it represents of course the temple

The Spanish Harlem represents Samaria

The disciples are former gang members, prostitutes, and even a redneck. This representation isn’t far from the Truth as the Biblical disciples were not among what the world considered the best of society. Matthew was a tax collector and we know how they were seen. Prostitutes and fishermen did indeed follow Jesus.

So they change the scene and take poetic liberty in some of the songs but many of the songs quote scripture directly. Of course, with any artistic representation (allegory or Christian fiction) you shouldn’t base your theological beliefs upon it. Jesus Christ and the Bible should be the foundation of our faith and belief. Art is extra encouragement. I say this about my book as well.

I do however, take issue with stories that take beliefs from other religions (like goddess worship) and try to pass them off as Christian. Those are poisonous fiction and should be avoided.

Anywho, in “!Hero” the disciple Petroph (redneck Peter lol) is encouraging the others to enjoy the party during Passover and to not let the current events get them down. During the whole scene Hero (who represents Jesus) has His head down in thought. Then everyone freezes for this scene. You see “Jude” (representing Judas).

The Last Supper: In Remembrance of Me

The Crucifixion ~ the whole story is told by an anonymous Roman soldier (or Icon employee) that later goes to jail for choosing Jesus instead of Icon.  Poetic liberty yes but we know that there were Roman soldiers that converted.

The Resurrection ~ I love this song. “He’s Not Here”

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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