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Crafty Monday: Spring Has Sprung! April 8, 2013

In this Post: Springy Bug crafts, a field trip to our local reptile center, and more :).

Hello Beloved! I hope you are having a great Monday. We had several early mornings last week. We took an online subtraction class on early one morning. It’s not odd for us to homeschool in our pjs. It happens. But it was super neat having a teacher in Tennessee teach us while we were in our pjs and she had no way of knowing that. Also Michael ate his oatmeal while watching. We will probably take more math classes from Mrs. MC. I liked the voices she did for Senor Ten and One (who borrowed way too much to pay for girl scout cookies). I will never look at borrowing the same :).


We made this Spring Diorama.

Empty food boxes, foam, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, construction paper, tissue paper, ribbon, and pom poms. Don’t forget paint.

Beg of April 007

We saw this neat lady bug house painted on a rock. A lady sold it on Etsy. We were going to copy her but decided to just make a big lady bug from a rock.

Beg of April 003

Paint and a black sharpie! Voila! Oh and modge podge to seal it.

Beg of April 026


For cooking we relearned a recipe. We used Easter eggs to make egg salad sandwiches all week. Michael was easily making his own by the end of the week.

Beg of April 001


We had all these plant kits from Hobby Lobby and the dollar store: Aloe, Coffee, and Sunflowers.

Beg of April 002

Sometimes you just gotta lay on the trampoline and take pictures of the sky through the trees…

Beg of April 008

Sometimes you just gotta wind up your swing and spin like crazy.

Beg of April 017

And sometimes you just gotta attack the stupid leash your human pets keep putting you on.

Curses blue restraint of death!

Disclaimer: the kitty did not hurt himself in the process.

Beg of April 021

And you always just gotta soak up the sun…and lay on dandelions.

Beg of April 023

Music and Math

Music went all math style on us this week. I found these cookie rhythms/fractions on:

Michael copied and drew his own notes and we clapped out the rhythms.

Beg of April 027

Michael explored  Melody Street and learned about different music styles and instruments.

I found this Even and Odd power point online and told the story of Mr. Odd and Mrs. Even.

Beg of April 028

I made an Even and Odd street worksheet. Michael labeled the houses according to which street they were on. Then he wrote “O’ for odd and “E” for even beside each number.

Beg of April 029

I took the time idea I showed you last week and made it a bit easier to understand. I wrote the time fractions on wax paper and put them over a paper plate clock. It may take him awhile to fully get the concept. A quarter til and a quarter after are the hardest for him to remember.

Beg of April 030

Beg of April 031

Our homeschool group took a trip to our local reptile and nature center. We had never been there before and it was super neat. There were aquariums with snakes, turtles, lizards, and fish.

Beg of April 032

Beg of April 036

Beg of April 038

Beg of April 040

Our guide taught the kids about reptiles and the meaning of several words (like carnivore and omnivore).  She showed us a red eared slider turtle, a King snake, and an alligator. I can’t remember the small snakes name.

Beg of April 043

Beg of April 051

Beg of April 053

Angry alligator

Beg of April 057

Now touch the alligator…lol.

Beg of April 058

The kids went outside and looked for bugs and other nature-y things.

Beg of April 061

They also had a hive of bees. How cool!

Beg of April 066

Michael with his best buddy Liam.

Beg of April 067

The kids colored nature pics on paper bags and the local Publix will use them to bag groceries on Earth Day.

Beg of April 068

Beg of April 069

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


6 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. mummyshymz Says:

    What a busy week! The spring diorama and the ladybird is really pretty. My daughter is also learning to tell time – will borrow your idea 🙂

    • amberdover Says:

      It sure was :). Thank you so much and I love it when people borrow my ideas. Please let me know how she does :). Michael understands what each number means on the clock but he doesn’t get the terminology like “half past”, “a quarter til” and such. Honestly I don’t remember learning that in second grade but I have a bad memory. It may take alot of repetition for him to get it.

  2. roylcoblog Says:

    This is really cute!

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