The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: The Joy of Steampunk Museum April 13, 2013

Hello dear ones, today I take you to a lovely marvel of the virtual world. Come with me to Second Life and check out “The Joy of Steampunk Museum”.


You can visit the actual museum in Second Life at this link:

Visit Steampunk (116, 112, 25)

I’m laughing to myself a bit. My best friend Frodo and my music minister have both said before that I was a bit Gothic.  I think they confused my eclectic style with something else. I don’t like skulls and I don’t dress mainly in black.  I absolutely hate horror movies. I wouldn’t even call myself emo.  Now, steampunk and vintage maybe. I could go for that.  I like the Victorian and punk look mixed.

But steampunk is more than fashion. It’s a fantastical world inspired by science fiction. Think of Sherlock Holmes and H.G. Wells….Jules Vern…The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…Atlantis.  Think of everything ran by steam. Big steam powered air ships. It is a lovely world of gadgets and automatons. These dreams are possible in the virtual world and there are several steampunk sims. I’m not sure if they are all family friendly and I doubt they are. But you can get a glimpse of what they are like at the Joy of Steampunk museum. There’s even a map of all the steampunk sims.

steampunk sims

Here is a picture of a snail shaped steam airship.

steampunk museum 2


steam punk museum

Inside there is a Tesla coil that acts as a transporter. Beam me up Scotty ;).


It took me aboard a larger airship with many levels. Here is the massive library.



This small airship looks like a dragon.

air ship

Lovely stained glass windows.3


You can also go under the sea and visit Captain Nemo’s Submarine (from 10,000 leagues under the sea).

Nemo's tunnel



You can click on the pics to see them bigger.


Nemo’s  time observer machine.

time observer

The museum was a lovely place to explore. If you check it out please leave me a comment :).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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