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Crafty Monday: Rainy Tulips & Flower Pot Music Game April 16, 2013

In this Post: Homeschooling while sick, rainy tulips, flower pot music game, and Lego Club.

Hello dear ones, this will be another late post. I still feel icky but hopefully I’m on the upside of things.  Michael was sick on and off all week.  So we didn’t do many crafts or cooking. Here’s a bit of what we did get done…

Rainy Tulips

Michael drew the flowers with pencil. Then he made lines with a white crayon and painted over it with watercolors. It’s a pastel resist effect and it looks sort of like rain :).

Olivia'sparty2013 047

When little man is sick we don’t completely call off school unless he’s really bad off.  I think Michael had a sinus infection. We just slowed down a bit. He played video games and watched t.v. in between studies.

Olivia'sparty2013 016

We watched the new SuperBook dvd on Jonah.

Olivia'sparty2013 015

He also had lots of chicken noodle soup and herbal remedies.

Olivia'sparty2013 013

One of my favorites for a cold is elderberry.

Olivia'sparty2013 120

Last week Michael  read the reptile books we got from the library, after our field trip to our local nature center. Some of these were on days he felt better. I can’t imagine forcing Michael to sit still all day in a desk. He likes to read in many different places and when the weather is nice it’s great to read outdoors.

Olivia'sparty2013 018

Olivia'sparty2013 019

Tessa likes to listen :).

Olivia'sparty2013 001

We had Lego club again. I was prepared this time. Michael got several Lego sets for his birthday so we had most of what we needed. It took me a good while the night before to sort through his collection and put the parts in baggies.

Olivia'sparty2013 004

Michael didn’t need as much help this time.

Olivia'sparty2013 007

The end result is this neat Lego playground. We had to improvise on some parts but it still looks great. You can see the slide, seesaw, and merry go round. If you’d like to join Lego club check out the clubs and classes section on

Olivia'sparty2013 009


I found this great book at the library called “The Musical Life of Gustav Mole”. I still enjoy reading to Michael. This was a sweet book that introduced several musical vocabulary words (instruments etc…).

Olivia'sparty2013 017

We played the Flower Pot Note Toss game found here:

We played the game two ways. First, I called out note names and Michael had to ring the flower pot with the same note on the flower. It got challenging when he had both treble and bass clef.

Olivia'sparty2013 037

Then I turned the flowers around so he could see the note names. Which ever note he rang he would have to run to the piano and play it.  I didn’t have flower pots so I used plastic cups and put rocks in them to give it weight.

Olivia'sparty2013 038

Olivia'sparty2013 040

Michael’s actual birthday was Thursday. He felt better but we stayed home to be safe. I saw this idea on Pinterest and gave it a try. I covered Michael’s door with a syran wrap pouch and put balloons in it.

Olivia'sparty2013 043

When he opened the door the balloons fell on him :). He was surprised.Olivia'sparty2013 044

Celebrations were simple since he had already had a big party the weekend. I stuck a candle in his bagel.

Olivia'sparty2013 045

We got a nice surprise from Aunt Jenn (my sister).  She sent Michael some nifty presents. One of them is a Magnetic Science kit. We can’t wait to experiment with it. Thanks sis! Michael loves getting mail :).

Olivia'sparty2013 025


Besides our normal workbook Michael did this GallonBot worksheet. It’s a neat way to teach measurements.

Link here:

Olivia'sparty2013 041

So it was a slow week and a bit lonely because we were home so much. We made it for Olivia’s birthday this past weekend but then Michael got an earache and I got sick. He’s better and I’m recovering. Still, we had a couple days to enjoy the Spring weather.

Olivia'sparty2013 028

Our yard is a bit wild but the grass isn’t too tall and we’ve got a nice squirrel and several birds living in it. Here’s some lovely pictures from our wilderness :).

Wisteria ~ I love this flower.

Olivia'sparty2013 022

My fig tree has leaves on it. Yaaaa!

Olivia'sparty2013 023

These sting but they are pretty.

Olivia'sparty2013 020

Our yard is carpeted with these little yellow flowers. I think they are a bit prickly but I don’t really notice. I often go bare foot so my feet can handle them.  I don’t really mind that our yard looks like a meadow.  We have started a garden though and I’m trying to grow a sunflower house. I want the yard to be magical. Hopefully my flowers will grow and I’ll have lots of neat pictures to show you.

Olivia'sparty2013 021

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Rainy Tulips & Flower Pot Music Game”

  1. humphreyjen Says:

    So glad Michael enjoyed his gifts!

    • amberdover Says:

      We got your message :). Sometimes it takes a few days to get to my messages. But we tried out the car and will learn about magnets in a couple of weeks. Michael is excited about your visit and so am I! Luv ya!

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