The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Almost Wonderland April 19, 2013

Hello dear ones! Today I take you to “Almost Wonderland”, a somewhat darker Wonderland but not too dark. The style is strangely beautiful. Wonderland has always been strange anyways. You may remember that I did a post on  Mimsy Manor: The Lewis Carroll museum (he wrote Alice in Wonderland) awhile back. You can read that post here:

I could’ve dressed as Alice again for this sim but I was having too much fun rockin’ my vintage owls.

Visit Almost Wonderland here: Visit Eldritch (182, 191, 24)

dark Wonderland

The neat thing about Wonderland sims are the special teleportation doors.

Almost Wonderland

I decided to follow the rabbit and down the hole I fell…


The hall had some cryptic writing on the floor but nothing  real scary. It was filled with doors like in the book. Many doors had pages from the book in them.


At the end of the hall there was a big door with several small doors inside it.


This led to the room with the bottle labeled “drink me”. Of course avatars can’t really shrink in SecondLife. You click on the bottle and it teleports you to another room where everything is big. So you have the appearance of being small.

drink me


From there, you crawl through another door and climb down a stack of books.


Overall, Almost Wonderland is a beautiful place. You can see the checkerboard on the hill.


The mushroom plants are interesting.


Lovely gems.


Now, here’s where it gets creepy. These plants…

weird eyeballs2

follow you.  As weird as it is, I appreciate the genius of the person that created these. My husband (the computer dude) says it’s not that hard. But I think it’s just cool. See….the eyes are looking at my avatar. Weird but neat.

weird eyeballs

There is a tea cup ride.


I did get a little worried when I saw the spooky tea table. There was a skull on it and you can see in the background of this pic that there’s a grave. It’s for the March Hare. I’m not sure why. Maybe I missed something in the books. I’ve seen other Wonderland stories where the march hare died. Or maybe the grave was for the Door Mouse. Now I’m confused. Anywho, this and the eye plants were the creepiest things in Almost Wonderland.

too creepy

So while there are darker elements to this Wonderland, it is still an overall lovely place. I can appreciate the creator’s work. It’s art. You can buy Wonderland furniture in the store. I thought this set was cute. I like the hat on the chair.


Here’s a close up.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: If you visit Almost Wonderland please leave me a comment. Thanks!


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