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A Late Crafty Monday: Vintage TP Owls & a Pinwheel April 30, 2013

In this post: Vintage toilet paper roll owls, a colorful pinwheel, dandelion still life, & the fly swatter music game.

Hello dear ones! I hope you had a great weekend and Monday. I’m a bit behind.  Camp NaNoWriMo is ending today and I’ve been playing catch up.  Well, let’s get started. We’re still doing springy crafts over here.


Vintage Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Mine is pink. Michael’s is blue.

Middle April 2013 053

Easy peasy: paint, tp rolls, felt, googly eyes, and scrap material.

Middle April 2013 047

I decided to give mine a scrap tummy. Michael wasn’t so thrilled, so these were my presents from him. I LOVE vintage owls! Next time we should put the eyes higher.

Middle April 2013 055


Directions here:

Middle April 2013 046

We cut a little too much. I’ll have to tape it so it spins now.

Middle April 2013 048

Middle April 2013 049

Middle April 2013 050


I taught Michael my not so secret recipe for kicking spaghetti up a notch.

Middle April 2013 044

Middle April 2013 045

Middle April 2013 052

Science & Creation Studies

Dandelion Still Life~Michael also labeled the parts of the flower. This went along with the Life Pac Plant study we finished last week. We found tadpoles Friday but I don’t have any pictures of our adventure. I was too busy keeping Tessa from dragging us in the water. Silly dog…tricks are for kids.


We finished school early one day and enjoyed the park.




Middle April 2013 051


Fly Swatter game


Found here:

The object is to swat the card with the note  that’s called out. If he got it wrong I’d say “buzz” and if he got it right I’d say “point”. I timed him. He got faster the third time. Then I switched the cards around so he wouldn’t just memorize where they were. 044


Gallon House

I showed Michael how to draw this gallon house and then he tried. I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t have this memorized. I am always learning with Michael. I’ve forgotten so much and math was never my strong point. I think even I will remember these measurements now.


I still like reading cute books to Michael. We especially enjoyed this story about a guinea pig living in a toy shop. It made us think of our Snowball. Though I doubt she has tea with the dolls when we’re not looking.

Little Whistle’s Dinner Party by Cynthia Rylant


I found this awesome deal at Kohls this weekend. This construction kit is originally $40 but I got it for $8.


The parts are heavy quality wood. Michael would rather make his own creations than read the directions. I’m amazed at his skill. Maybe one day he will design houses or space ships ;).


For the most part Michael reads on a 4th grade level. I had a librarian show me how the accelerated reader numbering system works. It’s really simple 4 point something means 4th grade. Six point something means 6th grade. A 6.5 or higher would be closer to 7th grade.  Michael wanted me to get The Hobbit for him to read.  It’s a 6.6. I told Michael that it was much harder to read than what he’s used to. But he insisted that he could do it. While he’s reading 5 chapters a day in a 3rd or 4th grade book, he’s reading only one a day in The Hobbit.

Another issue is how Michael gets easily distracted. He stops every couple of minutes to run and share something with me. “Mom, did you know hobbits are the size of me?” “Do you know how Bilbo felt when the dwarves sang their song? He felt a mad love come up inside him.”

This also happened with the reptiles and frogs books. “Mom, did you know…”

I’m glad he’s enthusiastic but at this rate he’s never going to finish the book. I told him that if he actually finishes The Hobbit I will take him somewhere really special.


We have a big library with several floors. We couldn’t concentrate in the kid section so Michael and I headed up to the reference area. I think it’s the most magical area. I love to write there.


We sat next to the windows. I wish I could show you a panoramic view. It feels like the library in Beauty and the Beast. We’re in one of the four corners.


I’m trying to read more YA fiction. I write for a younger audience (though I hope adults will enjoy my books as well). I’m very picky. Sometimes I have a hard time getting through best sellers even. It takes a lot to hook me but I try to read several chapters before I give up. That’s probably why I’m super critical of my own work. I don’t think it’ll ever be good enough for me.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: What are you reading these days? What’s your favorite genre? What do your kiddos like to read?


11 Responses to “A Late Crafty Monday: Vintage TP Owls & a Pinwheel”

  1. godmadeknown Says:

    Love the owls! Will have to use this when we study birds next year.

  2. lorettalittlefield Says:

    cool! I am reading ‘Love & Respect’ by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

  3. Looks like you are all having loads of fun! I too enjoy YA fiction; I wish more authors attempted to think more highly of our youth’s intelligence. Some of that stuff is pure junk. Once in a while I find a gem though.

    • amberdover Says:

      For sure! I just saw a series about fairy tales that weaves in Biblical concepts. I’m excited to see something like that in Christian literature and so much better than what the world offers. The first one is “The Healer’s Apprentice”. They’re by Melanie Dickerson. Have you heard of her? Thanks for chattin’ 🙂

  4. roylcoblog Says:

    This sounds like a very fulfilling day for you and your little man! I am so happy to see he is at least thinking about the concepts being brought up in the Hobbit. It’s very rare to see kids his age attempt to read through the book on their own. Good job!

    • amberdover Says:

      Thanks :). I told him that he could find out what the next two movies are about before everyone else ;). We’re big fans of the LOTR movies and The Hobbit movie. Michael likes to do impressions of Gollum. Now he has a deeper look into the characters.

    • amberdover Says:

      Oh I just thought about what you said…a fulfilling day. This was actually over the course of a week. We major in certain subjects on certain days…like Mondays is art and cooking. 🙂

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