The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Photogenic Treasures May 3, 2013

In this post: Two spots in Second Life where you can take great pictures, Hazardous & It All Starts With A Smile. Both have a vintage feel, one a bit melancholy and the other cheerful. Join me for another tour of the virtual world of Second Life.

Hello dear ones! Before I start, I wanted to show you my new home in SL. I change homes a lot because honestly I forget to pay the rent and get evicted. It’s not a big deal in the virtual world  but I usually try something different afterwards. Well, it’s been a long time since I had my own land. Usually it’s very expensive but I found some cheap land in a very isolated sim. I’ve yet to meet any neighbors. I was able to add my own house and landscaping…even nature noises.

View from my window

view from window

I found this great kiddie house.

new tv

It’s nice to have a safe place to think and escape from psychos. Like I’ve told you before, not every place is safe in Second Life. There are crazy people. It really is like another world because you run into people from all over the real world….some nice….some perverted and mean. Make sure you go to g-rated sims to socialize because people are required to act decent there.  Another great place to socialize is The Fire Escape. It’s a Christian club and they have themed dances and great dj’s all the time. Besides that, artsy places are usually classy.  Even a couple of Jazz clubs are safe.

Fire Escape

Okay, on to some great places for photos. First, let’ check out Hazardous. It’s a bit melancholy but beautiful and very artistic.


You can visit it here:

Visit Misali (165, 165, 195)

When you get there it’s just a floor suspended in the air.


But then you fall…


There are signs everywhere. This one says “Dare to jump in?”. I’m an avatar so why not! I jumped into the well.


in well

Inside is an art gallery. You can click on the pic to see it larger.

Bottom of well

This sign says, “Warning: Child avis left unattended will be sold to the circus.”

child av

Let’s watch an old movie…

old movie


Everyone needs a rusty truck.



Love the swing. Hazardous is a peaceful place to take pictures and feel like you’re in the country.


#2 It all starts with a smile

This chipper spot is made for photography. You can visit it here: Visit Onyx Isle (81, 80, 26)


Here’s the building.

it all starts with a smile

This is the cutest photo wall.


Mmmmm icecream…


This place is great for self portraits. There are so many poses.




You can even stargaze :).



Well, that’s it for now. I have an exciting post coming soon. I’m branching out into something completely different. Second Life is user created and a piece of artwork itself. But SL is more than a world of pretty places (granted some places aren’t worth seeing in it). It’s also a way to reach people and to teach things. So in the weeks to come I hope to go into the educational aspect of SL and how SL is being used to help the hurting.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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