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Crafty Monday:Earthworms & Mozart May 6, 2013

In this post: Earthworms, a bird cage, a sunflower, magnetic science, Mozart, and tadpoles. 

Hello dear ones! I hope you had a great weekend :). We had an interesting week. Here’s the highlights :).  We found an earth worm in Nana’s flower bed. She was gracious enough to let us take him/her. By the way, earthworms are hermaphrodites.


We did this great earthworm lapbook from

Link here:—Speedy-Lapbook


We observed our worm and where his/her parts were for a bit then put him in with our flower box.




This nifty bird cage was a joint effort.


Michael made this sunflower out of his hand prints and a paper plate.


We opened up our Magnetic Science kit for science last week. We did five of the experiments and will do more this week.


We made this iron tube magnetic by attaching it to the rectangle magnet.


It’s magnetic when attached but when you take it off…


It loses it’s magnetism. You can’t see it very well in the picture but the magnets were falling off.



Mozart listening lesson~ I explained to Michael that music can have a mood to it and can make you think of things. I had him listen to Mozart’s “A Little Night Music”. He had to close his eyes. Then he wrote what it made him think of and drew a picture.  It was a hard exercise for him. I had to encourage him to think of what season, time of day, and surroundings come to mind. Honestly, I think he was “inspired” by the episode of Duck Dynasty we had watched. Michael claims that’s not true.  You can see that his picture is of the beach and surfing. The Duck Dynasty episode was about their Hawaiian vacation.

Chris listened t0o and it made him think about a psychotic serial killer with a knife. Okay, so I was thinking night time, powdered wigs, and dancing under the moonlight in winter time. I don’t really understand where the guys got their ideas lol. It’s all about interpretation huh? ;P

I have a love for music and how it stirs the imagination. So I drug this lesson out. It ended with me sharing the story of “Braveheart” and how each song on the soundtrack brought up certain feelings and made me think of the parts in the movie. I showed Michael a few clips from the movie. Chris stuck his head in and started giving the “freedom” speech. Yes, it was an interesting day.


Michael is still reading The Hobbit (and probably will be for awhile). I decided that he had to read it at night on his time. Well, it’s worked and he actually read faster and was excited.


I gave him a simpler book to read during school time. Five chapters a day was easy in this book and Michael finished it by Friday.  I’ll probably let him read “The Hobbit” some during class this week but I want to mix in books on his reading level and non-fiction.


This was actually the weekend but I wanted to show you Michael’s new boots. We both got cheap ponchos and Michael played in the mud.


If it wasn’t so cold I think we’d have stayed longer. This weather is crazy here in the southern U.S. One minute it’s hot and the next cold. It’s usually rather warm in May.


Finally, a picture of our tadpoles. I really need to change the water or build them a pond out back. Michael thinks we need to name them but I don’t feel like naming 25 critters. Maybe we can name the earthworm though…if he/she’s still alive. I’d have to dig to find out.


We learned a bit about life cycles with the study below. We had a chance to see a chicken at our homeschool group but didn’t make it. What we missed is shown here at Rachel’s blog:


So I know this is educational some way. Chris finally hooked up this race track my Mom had bought for Michael.  I’m thinking it would be fun with marbles too…not just cars.


So dear ones do you have any critters at your house? Do your kids like to catch tadpoles etc? Or maybe you don’t have kids and you just like to catch things? I’ll be honest. I still love to catch frogs and have since I was a little girl…though the other little girls screamed eeeeww! and thought I was weird. Man, they missed out.  If you have had tadpoles what’s your advice for taking care of them? When I was a kid I was better at accidentally killing them…like by feeding them grits (bad idea). I love hearing from you!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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4 Responses to “Crafty Monday:Earthworms & Mozart”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    Cool,sounds fun and educational…exactly how school should be! Well, I have no animals to talk about unless you count our frogs and lizards in the yard. Also, our stray wild cats in the woods. Hope we don’t get any snake pets…..eekkk:0 love ya, Mom

  2. roylcoblog Says:

    I love the bird cage craft you both made together! I’ve been looking into making a bird cage craft with our decorative paper. Mind if I link back to you as inspiration?

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