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Organizational Ability-to be or not to be May 7, 2013

Yaaa! My Mom is back to blogging. Here’s a reblog if you can’t see it then come to my site. Show her some love and learn about the super cool science of Handwriting analysis. By the way, my “f” loop is balanced on top and bottom. Which one are you? Let her know in her comments section. I’m proud to have such a smart Mama. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Ann Littlefield

Hi everyone!   Welcome back to the world of handwriting analysis.   So, have you asked yourself these questions a lot; “Where is it? or where did I put it?”  Do you frantically hunt through papers for that ‘bill’ you misplaced?  Perhaps then, you lack the ability to be organized.

In handwriting, the letter ‘F’ reveals a lot about your ability to be organized or not. (lower case)  Let’s take a look at some below:


In the first ‘F’, a simple line shows upper and lower balance.  This writer can maintain order.  Ask her to sort through papers, and then file them, and she has no problem.  She would make a good Secretary.

So, I hear some of you saying  “Well I have that ‘F’ except with a loop on top.”  This causes an imbalance in your ‘F’.  When you see a loop, you see an indication of imagination.  Sure…

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    Hi Amber! I just recently received a nomination for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and am now passing it onto you. Please visit this post for more details: I would love to nominate you as one of our favorite blogs! There’s no pressure to accept this award but I thought you would like to know you made our list. 🙂 Thanks for the great posts and happy blogging!

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