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Crafty Monday: The Hobbit, Lilacs, and Magnetism May 14, 2013

*Note: I did not realize at the time that runes came from the occult. I apologize if I caused anyone to stumble and I discourage any use of runes.  Oct 6th, 2013 edit.

Hello dear ones and a late happy Mother’s day! Michael is still reading The Hobbit so I wanted to further encourage him by making a lapbook. I was inspired by this blog:

I will include my Pinterest with more ideas at the end of this post. The front of the lapbook has The Hobbit written in runes and Bilbo’s name written in Elvish. We’ve been tracking Bilbo and the gang’s journey on the map. On my Pinterest you will find a link to  help map Bilbo’s journey.

047On the back I pasted pictures of the dwarves. Gandalf and Bilbo were found through Google search. I copied the Misty Mountain’s Cold song from the book and pasted the lyrics.


Home Grown Learners’ blog has the link for translating runes. I copied the message I had typed and had Michael translate it with the key.  It says “Mommy loves Michael more than dwarvish treasure.”



He had so much fun that he decided to translate the runes on Bilbo’s map. It’s 6 lines long and took awhile but Michael was so excited.  He’s been writing in runes ever since….leaving notes for us here and there.


Michael reads a chapter a day. I printed out The Hobbit vocabulary words and a question sheet. He answers three questions per chapter. The vocab. is just for reference.

034We went online to the Lord of the Rings name generator. Michael’s hobbit name was Perom Goatcloset of the Shire. He was most proud of his dwarvish name though.


We practiced singing “Misty Mountains Cold” and downloaded the music.


Michael’s also been copying parts of the book. This was the sloppiest of them all but I thought it was a wonderful line to copy.  Michael’s been doing this on his own and I’m happy that he’s so enthusiastic.



Lord willing, we will have more Hobbit fun next week ;).


Painting with magnets


Q-tip Lilac painting



Michael’s still doing the typing program I told you about awhile back. I really like how it keeps up with his progress and shows which letters he got wrong.


Science~ Fun with Magnets

We are still having fun with the magnetic science kit my sister sent. We did several experiments last week. Here’s one you can try…

You will need a strong magnet, anything iron, a ruler, a steel knife, plastic wrap, fabric, aluminum foil, and cardboard.

025First we slowly inched the big magnet towards the iron. We marked where the iron came to the magnet. Then we put the different items in front of the magnet and tested if it changed where the iron met the magnet.

028Lastly, we tried the steel knife. Only it changed the magnetism by a small bit.


Michael read “The Magic School Bus: Amazing Magnetism“.


We’ve been preparing for Pentecost (it’s tomorrow actually). Michael has been studying the story of Ruth and also of Hannah.


Little man got his A.W.A.N.A.’s award at church.

003Then had fun afterwards. I had to get home but I think he’s throwing a pie….not sure.


It was another laid back week. As I promised, here’s the Pinterest link for your own Hobbit adventures ;).

The Hobbit Pinterest Link~ remember email sub. to come to my blog to see the link.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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  1. vjstracener Says:

    It’s awesome that you are doing that with him.

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