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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Sherlock Holme’s Date Night May 19, 2013

Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I’ve got a great date to share with you and a few links for mystery lovers.  First off, I wanted to show you my Duck Dynasty shirt. I actually got two but the one below is my favorite. You know from Thursday’s post that I love Uncle Si. He reminds me of my Dad because of the beard and the crazy things he says. If Daddy were alive I’m sure he’d be a fan :).  My shirt says “I’m like an owl. I don’t give a hoot!”

052Chris picked our date out of the bucket last week and he chose Dating Diva’s Sherlock Holme’s date. You can find out how they did theirs here:


First, Chris made us grilled chicken salad and bread sticks for supper. We listened to an old Sherlock radio show here:


Then we played “Clue” on Family Game Night for PS3. The game suggested by Dating Diva’s cost money now so we switched things up.

Next, we actually watched the 2nd Sherlock Holme’s movie: A Game of Shadows.  I think Robert Downey Jr. is so funny.  Here’s a few  memorable quotes:

[after Holmes throws Mary off the train, Watson turns around and sees his wife gone]

Sherlock Holmes: It had to be done. She’s safe now! In my own defense, I timed it perfectly-!

[Watson lunges at him and starts throttling him]

Dr. John Watson: Did you kill my wife?

Sherlock Holmes: [muffled, tries to respond]


Sherlock Holmes: [forces Watson’s hand away] Of course not!

Dr. John Watson: What do you mean? How do you know that, when you just threw her off a train?

Sherlock Holmes: I told you, I timed it perfectly!

Dr. John Watson: What does that mean?

Sherlock Holmes: Calm down!

Dr. John Watson: Explain!

Sherlock Holmes: By the time I explained, we’d both be dead!

That’s my favorite part of the movie :). We actually didn’t finish the movie. Chris had Philosophy homework. Then somehow we got into a talk about self defense and Chris showed me how I could use my opponents body weight to flip them. I had no idea it was so easy. I keep trying to trick Chris into that position so I can flip him but he’s on to me.

Anywho, Chris was exhausted from the day and went to bed but I was itching for a mystery. I googled “I need a mystery to solve” and this neat website came up:

5 Minute Mystery is a super neat site. You can create your own mystery league. There are tons of mysteries to read and try to solve. Each one is timed. You go through and mark the sentences that either exonerate or incriminate one of the suspects.  You get points this way and you get more points if you name “who dunnit” correctly. They keep track of your scores so you can compete with others for top sleuth.

Do you like to pretend your a detective too? I’d love to hear about it :).

Mother- Son date night ~ Chuck E Cheese’s

Michael and I had our date night at one of my favorite places a couple weeks ago, Chuck E Cheese’s. I remember loving this place as a kid. I still like it. When I was little I’d entertain mischievous thoughts of pulling Chuck E’s tail when he passed by (he’s a mouse by the way). I was probably Michael’s age. I shared that with him and he thought it was rather funny ;)!


I have to admit…Michael had a hard time pulling me off of Guitar Hero. “Please son, just one more game! Please! Mommy’s a rock star!”  After getting a hundred tickets we left and visited the pet store because everyone knows that’s the redneck zoo/aquarium. Seriously, that’s such an easy win for kiddo date nights. That and the book store. Chris usually takes Michael to the book store and then they grab a coffee or visit Krispy Kreme to watch donuts being made. Sigh…I love America. What are you favorite date night ideas with kiddos? Please leave me some comment love pretty please.


Mother’s Day we took a trip to Auburn and enjoyed our favorite park. We also stopped at Earthfare because every once in awhile we strive to be organic.


066I had never noticed the chimes before…very neat.




Things have been somewhat quiet around here. I guess we are in the Spring slump but Summer is on it’s way and with it comes bucket lists and lots of fun. I can’t believe Summer is on us already. The weather has been so tricky…me thinks Spring is just a springin’. I think we’re finally past the point of using the heater at night. I wonder if we will be using the AC through Fall.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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