The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Macbeth May 24, 2013

Before I showed you how the virtual world of Second Life can help soldiers with PTSD. Today I want to share with you a place that may help your English assignment. Immerse yourself in “Macbeth” but be warned…something wicked this way comes.

Visit Macbeth (94, 150, 75)

macbeth maze

First off, Macbeth has always creeped me out and I scare easily. So this Sim was super creepy. You hear recordings of actors quoting lines from the book and some of the lines are unsettling.

Pictures in the maze representing Macbeth’s journey


Macbeth is a cautionary tale of where greed and desire for power can take you. Macbeth kills to become king and later becomes a serial killer. There’s a lot of symbolism and supernatural elements to this story. The Macbeth sim explores the symbolism. There are Macbeth books scattered throughout the sim and when you click on them they explain the scene you’ve entered and give you food for thought. If you’re writing a paper you will definitely find ideas here.

This is the throne room. You can see the witchly apparitions. Visitors are encouraged to sit on Macbeth’s throne, take a picture, and ponder the pleasure yet price of power. How does it feel to be king?


There’s many places to explore and some scarier than others.  Here’s the path of temptation. It starts out rosy…

macbeth letters

Then turns into pure evil. The words of Lady Macbeth scroll across the bottom. Her speech is a lot to memorize. It was my monologue once in an audition. Dark words for sure as she tempts her husband to kill Duncan.

path of temptation

The end of the maze. I didn’t get many pictures. As educational as this was, I was ready to get my avatar safely home.

end of maze

Though it’s not my taste, the Macbeth Sim was well made and many talented  actors came together to make it happen. You’ve got to show this to your English teacher ;).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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