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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Redneck Drive-in, Repentance Corner, & Summer Fashion May 26, 2013

Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and for many of you, your holiday. Thank you to those who have served our country. Happy Memorial day! First, I want to show off my big red hat. It reminds me of  Theodora’s hat in Oz, the Great and Powerful. Now, moving on.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 119

One thing I miss about my small hometown is the drive-in. We have one of the few drive-ins in Georgia. I saw many movies in the back of a pick up; either swatting mosquitoes in the Summer or covering with a blanket in the Winter. My favorite memory was seeing Jurassic Park 2 with my Dad. It was raining in the movie and the dinosaurs were about to jump out when it began raining at the Drive-In. We were inside my Dad’s small truck and it literally felt like we were in the movie. I was just waiting for a velociraptor to jump at the window.

When we go home we often visit the drive-in. I’ve noticed that the movie quality isn’t that great but the nostalgia is still there. The pizza still tastes like cardboard but there’s something fun about seeing the moon above the big screen. I want that feeling in my own yard. We don’t have a projector yet but I rigged up a redneck “drive-in” on our trampoline (minus the car). Chris was gracious enough to drag his dresser and our flat screen outside.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 020

I tied a tarp to whatever I could to make the tent and I added camo netting to the back to keep out mosquitoes that way. I lit a big citronella candle for the front. It’s not quite stable so I put our dinner in a basket. I put Chris’ lemonade in a mason jar with a cupcake liner on top to keep out bugs. Just add a straw and it’s down right ritzy! 🙂 Yeah, you can see how the organic thing is going…lol.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 016

Several weeks ago, I shared with you a parenting book. This week I have a few links to share and an idea that I believe to be a God thing.  The people who wrote “The Christian Parenting Handbook” have a website:

There are several good articles on there about dealing with specific behavior. I found the  article below to be very helpful. It’s titled “Taking a Break: A technique for Addressing the Heart.”

Taking a break is not the same as time out and it focuses on repentance. We’ve been using this technique lately and have  used it here and there in the past. When Michael misbehaves I try to let him cool down after he’s disciplined. Then we talk about why he got in trouble and we take time to pray that he’ll do better next time. It’s very important that he knows our approval and love isn’t based on his behavior. I often tell him that we love him no matter what he does. I also want him to know that bad behavior not only hurts him but also others. There are natural consequences. Chris and I aren’t perfect parents by far. We try and God gives grace.  Anywho, I decided to take this technique to the next level. Hence, Repentance Corner.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 023

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 024

Sometimes my son believes Satan’s lies just as I do at times. He will repeat things like “I can’t change”. Usually, I go into a long spill about how he can do better next time with God’s strength etc. I’m learning that I need to cut down the dialogue.  So I got this idea to write verses on index cards so Michael can read about the truth when he’s in the corner.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 026

For example, lying seems to be a big issue at this age. If I catch Michael in a lie he will usually get something taken away or miss out on family fun. He sits in the repentance corner and reads the verses about lying. Then he thinks about them and when he’s ready to change his attitude he will move to the next step. Below is the anger card.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 027

The next step is prayer. Michael is a Christian and he knows how to pray on his own but sometimes he doesn’t know how to put his feelings into words. So on the back of the cards I put a sample prayer that he can use or get inspiration from. This is where the repentance and heart change comes in. The Bible is clear that we need God’s help to change.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 028So I don’t expect to see change overnight but I’m believing for long term results. The Bible says God’s word never comes back void. So I know something good will come from this. There are cards that address faith issues too and these aren’t for discipline but rather comfort. I’m sure I will use them too. For example, there are cards dealing with self esteem and fear.

So I’ve been having fun watching hair and makeup tutorials on youtube. They’re actually quite calming.  I want to share a few ideas with you :).

  • Modest Bathing Suit

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 049       So you probably can’t tell that I’m wearing a bathing suit in the pic above. It looks like a sundress but really it is my old bathing suit. The skirt part covers me but if I sit the wrong way it is inappropriate. I’ve worn long silky pants with it before but I looked ridiculous. I thought about cutting them into shorts when I found these black silky shorts. The material goes perfect with the suit.  The shorts came with my bumble bee costume from Fall Festival. Then so I could wear it out and about as a dress I just added a white shrug. At the time this was the only black “summer dress” I had. You can see from my first picture that I eventually got a new black dress to where with my red hat. Anywho, I can wear this out and about or I can swim in it without the shrug. The shorts keep people from seeing too much. Modest is hottest, right ;).

  • Taylor Swift inspired makeup

So you can’t see it very well but my eye bags are way too unsightly for a close up. I got this look from…

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 050

This chic has several hair and makeup tutorials. She has an either Australian or British accent and it’s fun to listen to. Her attitude cracks me up. I will probably try more of her tutorials and let you know how they go :).

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 052

  • Vintage Look~ Don’t laugh. I haven’t perfected this look yet. If I believed in channeling I’d be channeling Lucille Ball here.  I don’t have the right scarf for this and the SpongeBob pjs make me look like Olive Oyl from Popeye. The victory curls were tricky. My hair is so long so the curls are extra poofy. We shall call this attempt one…actually two. I didn’t take pictures of the first attempt. 😉

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 053Here’s an “I Love Lucy” quote for the heck of it:

ETHEL: Do you think they could make a glamour girl out of me?

LUCY: Sure, it says right here “We work miracles.”

More quotes here:

I found the vintage hair tutorial on Pinterest. Here’s the link:

  • So I got this black dress at JC Pennies. I believe it was on sale. The red belt goes great with my hat. I really like my hat… I played around with exposure settings to make this pic look kewl and for my pasty whiteness to look porcelain. Ha! Nah, seriously don’t tell me to get a tan. I’m actually quite comfortable in my skin. I prefer to stay far away from cancer causing tanning beds.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 121

This chic does wonders with makeup. I’ve yet to try her tutorials. She goes kind of quick. Her makeup is so flawless it honestly looks photoshopped. The before and after shots are encouraging. I like seeing people without their makeup. It gives me hope lol.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 120

Well, that’s all the fashion I have for you today. Do you have any favorite Youtube fashion tutorials? Please do share.

Here’s a sneak peek of next Sunday (Lord Willing). My sister flew in this weekend and we had a tea party with my Mom. I got to wear another hat and it went well with my other JC Pennies dress. Michael is sporting his new Duck Dynasty shirt with “Uncle Si” on it. I started a trend lol.

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 082

Jenn's Visit 2013 Tea party 083

Anywho, we had a blast and I can’t wait to share it with you. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: When’s the last time you’ve been to the Drive-in? Or have you ever been?


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