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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Lil’ Mermaid, Nemo, & Monster’s Inc June 24, 2013

In this Post: Crafts, fun, and food with The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Monster’s Inc.

Disney Countdown

Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. Looking at my pics, last week looked like a breeze. The truth is the first part of the week was crazy because of family stuff and swimming lessons. We caught up late Wednesday night. I spent a good bit of the week on the phone with family. I am so thankful we made it through the week and have something to show for it! Moving on…

This is week 3 of our Disney Countdown. I’ll post links to the other weeks at the end. I was excited about this week because I love The Little Mermaid. It was the first movie I saw in the theater as a kid and it was with both my parents before they divorced. Throw in Nemo and you’ve got a brilliant ocean themed week.

First, I want to show you our new pet fish Yoda. Actually we have Yoda the second. The first Yoda (shown below) died after Michael tried to handle him. But the fish look so much alike I didn’t bother with another picture. Our mouse Cinderella sadly had to be let go. Her OCD wounds were too bad.

NemoLilMermaid2013 004

A couple weeks ago we got our Disney planning dvd in the mail. Michael and I got very excited watching it.

NemoLilMermaid2013 006

Michael started swimming lessons last week which also went very well with our ocean themed week.

NemoLilMermaid2013 018

NemoLilMermaid2013 016

Here’s our craft we did when we watched  Finding Nemo. I found these aquatic paper plate crafts at the Dollar Tree. They look just like Nemo characters.

NemoLilMermaid2013 021

Monday and Wednesday we watched The Little Mermaid & Ariel’s Beginning. Here’s Michael making hand print mermaids.

NemoLilMermaid2013 029

We learned a bit about coral and Michael painted a cardboard coral reef with fish. He drew fish around the mermaids. Then we added the Nemo characters and a nifty hermit crab.

NemoLilMermaid2013 031

Sand Cake ~ Instead of dirt pudding this is sand cake. It’s made with vanilla creme cookies crumbled up (sand), whip cream, and vanilla pudding. I thought the bucket and shovel added a nice touch.

NemoLilMermaid2013 026

Each week I’m giving Michael a Summer writing assignment. To fit the theme I had Michael tell his favorite part of swimming lessons. I added the diving gear to his picture. It’s very short but looks cute.

NemoLilMermaid2013 023

We did this great Coral Reef lapbook and watched a video on coral.

NemoLilMermaid2013 032

NemoLilMermaid2013 033

Chris helped Michael make a telegraph from his inventions kit.

NemoLilMermaid2013 034

We practiced a bit of Morse code.

NemoLilMermaid2013 037

If you’d like to find more ocean themed posts start here:

There are 4 parts to last years ocean series. Each part has a link to the next at the end of the post.

Not only is Monster’s Inc by Disney now but Monster’s University just came out in theaters. So we just had to watch Monster’s Inc. and have a monster themed party before watching Monster’s University. 

I made several paper doors and put them on a blue table cloth. We have Monster’s University cups that came with kiddie combos at the theater. One has Mike on the lid and one has Sully. I found the Monster’s University notebook at the Dollar Tree.

NemoLilMermaid2013 038

NemoLilMermaid2013 040

Michael had “Monster” oatmeal. I put a bit of blue food coloring and added blueberries.

NemoLilMermaid2013 041

I cut an eyeball out of white and black felt and pinned it to a green shirt. Here’s Michael’s “Mike Wazowski shirt”.

NemoLilMermaid2013 044

I put together these monster (Sully) shoes out of cardboard boxes and paper.

NemoLilMermaid2013 045

Monster Cookie Dough Dip ~the recipe is on my Pinterest link at the end of this post.

NemoLilMermaid2013 049

I didn’t take a picture but I also made “Monster granola bars” which looks similar to this but not as unhealthy.

NemoLilMermaid2013 050

Proof we do eat healthy sometimes lol…

NemoLilMermaid2013 043

Michael colored these Monster bookmarks and we made them to look like Mike and Sully.

NemoLilMermaid2013 046

Here’s Sully at work. I love how these bookmarks work.

NemoLilMermaid2013 047

NemoLilMermaid2013 048

Here’s Michael in his monster glasses, shirt, and shoes.

NemoLilMermaid2013 053

Pillsbury had these Monster’s University sugar cookies.

NemoLilMermaid2013 054

I cut out the table cloth and hung it in the home school room. I’m trying to have the area surrounded by Disney by the time we’re ready to go there.

NemoLilMermaid2013 055

NemoLilMermaid2013 056

I forgot this pic when I first did this post. Here’s Michael and I at the movie theater with Mike and Sully.


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Tune in next week (Lord willing) for Alice in Wonderland and Beauty & the Beast.

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