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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Alice in Wonderland & Beauty and the Beast July 1, 2013

In this Post:  Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and a bit of Dumbo. Crafts, food, and fun!

Disney Countdown 4~WonderlandDumboBeautyAndBeast

Welcome to number 4 in my Disney countdown posts. You can read number 3 here:

Each post has links to the one before it.

Dear ones, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Last week  we began with Alice in Wonderland.


Of course, we had to have a tea party. I didn’t want anything too girly. So we had a Mad Hatter Tea party with a red and black color scheme. Still, Michael tried to say the red was really pink. I can’t win lol.


I made these petit fours with a box cake and a brownie pan with sectionals.


It was hard to frost these but at least you can read what they say, “Eat me”.


Most certainly tea



The table wasn’t hard to put together: mismatched tea cups, chess pieces, playing cards, mushrooms, a caterpillar, the door mouse, and a cat.


I took a plastic goblet from the Dollar Tree and glued a black plate on top. Then I glued a bit of moss and playing cards. I topped it with a tea cup from my kid china set and chess pieces.


I took pegs and painted them like mushrooms. I painted a big rock green and glued moss. Then I glued the mushrooms to it. The caterpillar is made out of pom poms and pipe cleaners.


The cat, which really reminds me of the Cheshire cat, was a lamp I had as a kid. It quit working but I didn’t want to get rid of it. So I snipped the cord and it looks great for the table.


The other centerpiece has a tea cup with a candle in it. The golden key came from my Dad when I was a kid. He said it was the key to his heart. You can see the Door Mouse in the other cup.  He’s also made of pom poms and a pipe cleaner.


The Mad Hatter sat at the end of the table with the March Hare. He’s actually a Belkie bear with a ribbon tied around his hat and a card glued to it.


I found these signs online:

The Cheshire cat “We’re all mad here”.


Alice with a quote.


The White Rabbit with another quote.


Michael as the Mad Hatter. Poor baby rubbed the side of his eye raw with his goggles at swimming lessons, which is over now. He still doesn’t know how to swim. Anywho, that’s a different story. I taped a card to this dress up hat of his.


Michael’s wearing a coat that belonged to my Dad when he was little. Daddy wore it in a play.


A blue dress and a black head band seemed “Alice” enough for me.


We played a musical game found here:


We used chess pieces to cover the notes as we picked a note card. Whoever filled all their notes first won. I was hearts and Michael was clubs (or puppy toes).  The game can also be played by a single player. Michael put the light pieces on the hearts whenever he got a treble note. He put the dark pieces on clubs when he got bass notes. This was a fun way to review his notes and he loved it.


The Door Mouse helped us out.


Michael, the Mad Hatter, and March Hare watching Alice in Wonderland.


Michael playing croquet with the Queen. The flamingo came from the Dollar Tree.


After I cleared the table I added the Wonderland trinkets to our kitchen window. It’s becoming more Disneyfied every week.


We made this Wonderland card guard from a card, paper, and pipe cleaners.


He also went in the window.


I was happily surprised to find “Dumbo” on Netflix. Had I known I could’ve came up with a circus themed day.  I did however print a Dumbo themed writing assignment. I figured since Dumbo is all about figuring out who he’s going to be that Michael could write about when he grows up.


Last, came Beauty and the Beast. I was so excited to get this on dvd. It’s another one of my favorites lol. I have many…

We made this Lumiere Candle Stick craft from Disney’s craft site.  He looks a bit like Frankenstein because of the unpainted spot on his forehead.


We also made these stained glass cds. Michael made a cross (on the left) and I made a rose (on right).  We used puffy paint to outline them. Michael used regular paint to paint inside the lines. I used markers for mine. Mine looks more like stained glass but the marker rubs off if you touch it.



We had a lovely dinner for our “Beauty and the Beast” date night.


I went all out with  filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and french bread. So the mashed potatoes and filet mignon were already packaged. Nothing was from scratch but it tasted great anyways. Yaaa Publix! We had coke floats with Flamingo straws (something we forgot to do for Wonderland). 


Dessert was strawberry shortcake. I was supposed to make the strawberries into the shape of a rose but they were too mushy from being frozen. It’s the taste that matters right?


It was a bit scary because we had a big thunderstorm during the movie. While it was lightening at the Beast’s castle during his fight with Gaston, it was also thundering and lightening at our house.  Eventually the storm died down.

Michael and I both dressed up some. He wore his coat and tie. I wore a skirt with a yellow top and I copied Belle’s hairdo. You can’t tell as much from this side and my pictures of the other side didn’t turn out good enough to include.


You can’t really see the bun. I had to adjust brightness on this one picture to make it look decent.


If I could show you the other side you’d see it looks like Belle’s hair when she’s dancing with Beast.


The day before we had taken a trip to the library since Belle loves books. Michael had to help me carry our bag because the books were so heavy. The library we love is actually in another city so we have to pay a yearly fee to use it. Our local library doesn’t have much. We checked out this great park by the library that we had never been to.


This was the coolest place! Look, Michael is putting his head in the dino’s mouth.


This web looking thing was rather nifty.


Yeah, I felt old. There’s this wheel thing that I got in and Michael spun me. He flipped me upside down twice though I begged him to stop because I almost threw up. We also took a trip to Chuck E Cheese as a Summer reading award. I couldn’t play the hard level on Guitar Hero because of the arthritis in my hands and fingers. I definitely feel old.

Dino’s Egg


Last week, the guys finished Michael’s inventions kit. Chris helped Michael put this old fashioned radio together. I had no clue that a radio could be made out of such simple stuff. All we picked up was static but if Chris modified it we might could get AM stations.


Okay so this is off topic but the kitty got his nose in some foot powder. LOL Chester has a mustache! Oh yeah, Chester is doing much better. He had to take antibiotics and keep the cone of shame on for a bit but he’s healed now. The cone of shame is reserved for when he bites us. He actually bites more now that he’s declawed.


This pool was half off. It’s not very deep but we got it to help Michael practice swimming. He can atleast practice floating and kicking his legs right. I wasn’t very happy with the swimming program. So we will be helping Michael at home and when we can go to pools etc.


Michael had a couple of sneaky days where he didn’t do his work etc. The usual approach of taking privileges away didn’t seem good enough. So Michael learned to vacuum which is a big mile stone for him considering he used to be terrified of the vacuum. He also learned to scoop the cat litter and the Guinea pig. The rest of the week went better.


Michael’s drawing on his work. This would not fly in public school lol. I thought it was neat.


Michael drew and painted this police man. He also added googly eyes. We both think it looks like there’s pie on the cop’s face. Michael is very creative with out my help.


I finally opened up our Bible/ World History time line that came in the mail. You can see how big it is by comparing it to the size of my foot. Yeah, it took up most of the bed. Chris and I opened it up and spent several hours matching up dates for next years curriculum.  Chris helped me find famous artists and inventors from the Dark Ages. We still have a long way to go. Planning is major work and it was nice that Chris helped me this time. I get so overwhelmed.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s my Disney Pinterest link. Remember email sub. to come to my blog to see the link:

PSS: Lord willing, we will have  “Brave”, “Robin Hood”, and Mickey Mouse next week.


2 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Alice in Wonderland & Beauty and the Beast”

  1. amariawheeler Says:

    What a creative family! It sounds like you and your family really love to do crafts together. My favorite is your Lumiere! My kids and I enjoy making Disney Inspired crafts too. I’m new to blogging, so my blog only has about 15 posts, but if you do enjoy Disney inspired crafts, I’d love for you to check it out.
    – Amy
    Mouse Ears Mom

    • amberdover Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Amy :). We’re hoping to visit Disney so I thought we’d do a countdown. We are on our 8th week of the countdown so far. I post about them each Monday. I like your blog name. I’ll stop by soon. God bless!

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