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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Tarzan, Jungle Book, & Tom and Huck July 16, 2013

In this post: Fun, food, and crafts with a Disney-fied camp “in”. Puppet snakes & a flashlight safari. Bug goodies and more! Here’s #6 on our Disney countdown!


Hello dear ones! I hope you’ve had a great week. Sorry this is late! Last week we combined our Disney movies with a camping theme. We called it “Camp Dover”. Tarzan, The Jungle Book, And Tom & Huck went well with our outdoorsy theme. We had lots of fun. Come, I’ll show you!

Take the link below to countdown #5:

It’s been incredibly rainy this season. I had planned to have our camp indoors anyways so I set it up in the living room. I hung a blue plastic cloth on the wall and decorated it with paper stars, bug cut outs, glow in the dark jungle animals, Michael’s moon night light (that only comes on when it’s dark), and a sign that said “Camp Dover”.


I hung a tent rain top from the ceiling and put a cloth with stars on it as well. I covered the sofa with a green blanket (that kept falling off as you can see) and I taped a pretend fire on top. The fire is made from toilet paper rolls and tissue paper.


I got this sleeping bag poem craft from here:


Michael camped out in the living room for three nights. We got the jungle themed lanterns from the Dollar Tree.



The first day we watched Tarzan.


We had “camp food” like hamburgers and BBQ sandwiches.


I read this book about a Sunflower and then…


We went to look at ours, which was pretty pitiful.


This flower turned out nice though.


That night we sang campfire songs. Michael’s posing. Chris and I actually played the guitar. We had so much fun singing the songs in different ways. Michael loved singing things the “Country” way (meaning with an exaggerated Southern accent…worse than our natural one).

I found lyrics and chords here:

I was thrilled that I could actually play some of these easily.


Our dessert was S’mores of course ;). Can’t camp with out them.


Michael agrees :).


I tried to take pictures in the dark. Here you can see the fake moon.


Michael with a flashlight. You can’t really tell the stars are glowing (I painted them with glow paint). I also strung up some leaf lights.


Since we watched Tarzan, we played Flashlight Jungle Safari that afternoon.


I turned out the lights and hid several stuffed animals in different rooms.





Michael had to find them with his flashlight. We took turns hiding them. This pic is too funny because he kept going past the monkey when it’s out in the open. You can’t tell because of the flash but it was a bit dark in there.


That night we went outside to play hiding seek with flash lights. I didn’t get any pictures because I was so busy hiding. It was a lot of fun. We finished the evening watching two more Disney flicks “Mulan” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2”. If I had the time I suppose I could’ve whipped up a Chinese themed day for Mulan but that would’ve been too much.

The next day we watched The Jungle Book.


Michael made these snake finger puppets found here:


That night we told stories with shadow puppets.


Michael added dramatic music to his show. 😛


Just had to throw in this cute pic of Chester snoozin’ in Michael’s reading pool. This was the last week of “Summer” school (light book work). Michael read “Pelts and Promises” for his devotion time.


Proof that a seven year old can do his own laundry ;). I have him sort them into piles first. His drawers are labeled pants, shirts, and pajamas. Underclothes go with the pajamas. He can wash and dry too. Now if he can master cooking and a budget then he can move out next year ;P he he just kidding of course! You take me too seriously!


That night Michael listened to “Camp What-a-nut” on Adventure’s in Odyssey (a very kewl radio show). You can get it here:

We ended with Tom & Huck and bugs. I had some messy fun planned for Tom & Huck but we didn’t get to it. Michael did make a raft out of Popsicle sticks but never got to sail it and I didn’t take a picture…sorry.

Since we were talking about bugs, I thought “Thumbelina” to be an appropriate book to read. She’s as small as one.


That got us into the proper thinking for Michael’s writing assignment “If I was a Bug…”

If you look close it says that Michael would bite and tickle his Dad if he was a bug. 🙂


So this was a simple themed food. I made box cupcakes with chocolate frosting and put plastic bugs on top.


I actually don’t like food that looks like creatures. I would never survive a Halloween party without hurling. I had a hard time eating my cupcake that had a plastic fly on it. I’m a very visual eater. As a kid, the cafeteria spaghetti always reminded me of worms. So I never ate it. But boys are usually into this gross stuff. Michael loved the bugs.


I forgot to show this to you last time. I got this tooth brushing calendar from Crest and Oral B. I magnetized it and put it on the fridge.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 012

I found this snack and drink cup at Family Dollar. Seriously, Disney is everywhere. It’s kind of creepy…in a happy way.

DisneyCountdownMickeyOlympics2013 010

Michael and I went to see “Epic” as a Summer reading reward a couple weeks ago. We took these sweet pictures in the photo booth. I hope we’re always like PB & J….in a healthy way of course :).


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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PS: Join us next week (Lord willing) for Toy Story, Tangled, and Cars!

Disney Countdown # 7


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    This was sooo cool Amber!

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