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Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Toy Story, Tangled, & Cars July 22, 2013

In this post: Crafts, food, and games with Toy Story, Tangled, and Cars! Welcome to Disney Countdown #7!

Disneycountdown7 097

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. This past week was our first official week of Summer break (no workbooks). Michael had lots of play time with a neighbor, we visited the local splash pad, and I caught up on a Korean drama lol. But besides having more time on our hands than ever, we also enjoyed some of our favorite Disney and Pixar movies. Just come to our house and you’ll see that Toy Story and especially Cars are favorites. We’ve got Cars curtains and bed sheets…even a Cars t.v. So this week on the countdown was easy peasy.

First, check out last week on the countdown(#6):

We began with Toy Story 1 & 3.

Disneycountdown7 098

The themes were easy: Space and the Wild West. I was going to split the days up. One day for Woody and the other for Buzz but they ended up meshing together. I turned the homeschool room into a play area. Basically, Buzz’ spaceship landed in Woody’s western town.

Disneycountdown7 006

So I simply reused our starry plastic cloths from last week for the sky. Then I put a yellow plastic cloth and a green sheet down for the ground. A red cloth covered our craft supplies. I also drew a “saloon” on a white sheet and covered some more of our mess. Who says you have to clean up for a mess?! 😛 You can’t see it in the pics. I drew a desert scene with cactus on white wrapping paper and taped it or tacked it to the wall. I used cardboard to support them.

Disneycountdown7 011

Buzz’ spaceship above, is a sheet looped around a pool noodle formed into a circle. It’s hanging from the closet bar. I used markers to decorate the sheet like his ship. I draped the bottom of this sheet around Michael’s reading pool. So it’s a nifty clubhouse almost. I taped red and yellow tissue paper to the pool for fire. Blast off!

Disneycountdown7 017

Michael’s cowboy hat came from the Dollar Tree and I taped on a yellow paper star for a badge. Seeing a pattern? Yes, the Dollar Tree is great for everything! Thankfully we already had Buzz and Woody dolls.

Disneycountdown7 010

The jail above was simple. Chris used his knife to cut out prison bars in a project board. I took a piece of another cardboard and taped it on top. Then I just wrote “Sheriff Woody’s Jail”. Except I spelled it wrong…oops. LOL well, that’s embarrassing.

Disneycountdown7 015

I printed out a “Wanted” sign and drew Mr. Potato head. I also drew a big Mr. Potato head and used magnets for his body parts. 

Disneycountdown7 012

Disneycountdown7 018

We had pizza one night and I made this nifty Pizza Planet menu. I simply printed the alien on green paper and glued a yellow star and the Pizza Planet logo on it. The cowboy hat cookies are actually the pirate cookies I made for my Pirates of the Caribbean date. Yeah, the ones that looked smooshed.

Disneycountdown7 001

We’ve got this Toy Story game where you “fish” for aliens with the claw while they move up and down.  We played that a lot.

Disneycountdown7 020

We read this neat Western book “Hannah Mae O’ Hannigan’s Wild West Show”.

Disneycountdown7 021

Here’s a peek at Michael in the “Space Ship” reading a book on Saturn. That trip to the library for Beauty and the Beast is still paying off. We got several books and I keep renewing them online.

Disneycountdown7 022

We looked at our Space lapbook from last year’s space study. You can check out the first link in our Space series here:

Disneycountdown7 024

The alien game pieces got to play in Michael’s homemade Moon Sand box.

Disneycountdown7 026

Michael put together a big space puzzle.

Disneycountdown7 035

This turned into more alien playtime. They each had their own planet.

Disneycountdown7 036

We learned about the Pony Express in the book “Ride Like the Wind”.

Disneycountdown7 038

I made star shaped sugar cookies that we decorated yellow for Sheriff badges.

Disneycountdown7 039

Disneycountdown7 040

I took the easy way with pre-made dough. I added yellow food coloring to vanilla icing and put it in a ziplock bag. I snipped the end of the bag for the icing to come out. Nana came over and had some too.

Disneycountdown7 041

I took our “Gandalf” stick and put a paper bag on it. I added paper ears and yarn hair to make a stick horse.

Disneycountdown7 042

Here’s Michael “lassoing” the horse. Note: yarn makes for bad rope.

Disneycountdown7 045

I had a hard time getting a decent picture. Below is a flashlight with black paper taped on it. I punched holes in it to look like stars.

Disneycountdown7 047

Memory Verses for the week as we talked about friendship and not being jealous. Remember, Woody was jealous of Buzz. This was traced. Michael isn’t that good at cursive yet.

Disneycountdown7 107

The writing assignment was “If I Was a Cowboy”.  I simply printed Woody on our writing paper.

Disneycountdown7 106

Next came Tangled (Rapunzel). I’ll admit this was more for me. Michael and I came to a compromise since we will both be enjoying Disney.

Disneycountdown7 100

Despite the movie being “girly”, Michael enjoyed most of it. I tried to find crafts that were “boyish”. Michael is in that stage where everything is split as being boyish or girly. It’s annoying but oh well. So the table was set for me I guess. The Duck Coasters represent the Fuzzy Duckling Pub from the movie. I used contact paper and construction paper to make them.

Disneycountdown7 058

We colored and cut out yellow suns. I made a banner out of purple triangles with suns glued on them. I strung it up between chairs. I put a Dollar Tree lantern behind the tower. I found the tower on Disney’s family site. You can find it on my Pinterest. I’ll put the link at the end. I didn’t have yellow yarn so I used yellow tissue paper for the hair.

Disneycountdown7 056

Flynn’s Wanted Poster~ Michael had to draw his nose. That’s a running joke in the movie.

Disneycountdown7 105

Chameleon party blowers for Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet. The head is foam. I didn’t have party blowers. So I glued the head on a straw and used tissue paper for the tongue.

Disneycountdown7 071

Pipe cleaner Pascal. This was hard to make. Michael’s version looks way better than mine did.

Disneycountdown7 067

The food was yummy and different. Rapunzel’s favorite dish is Hazelnut Soup. Well, I didn’t buy hazelnuts….rather I had hazelnut creamer. I had originally planned on adding the creamer to mushroom soup for the flavor but someone (cough* Chris) took the soup for lunch. So I had to use cream of chicken. I added potatoes to it for texture. I wouldn’t eat the soup every day but it wasn’t bad.

Disneycountdown7 064

I braided crescent rolls like Rapunzel’s hair. I forgot to buy bread sticks but it worked.

Disneycountdown7 063

I made Honey Yogurt Blackberry Tarts for dessert.  I took pre-made pie crust and put it in a silicone heart mold.

Disneycountdown7 060

This is the crust after I baked it.

Disneycountdown7 061

I mixed vanilla yogurt, honey, and blackberries together for the filling. It was tasty after it chilled a bit.

Disneycountdown7 062

Tangled inspired Michael because for the first time ever he wanted to do my hair. So then I got tangled! Be very scared. I’m brave to show you this…no makeup too.

Disneycountdown7 072

This is why little boys shouldn’t do hair…

Disneycountdown7 079

Disneycountdown7 075

I put the original Rapunzel story on Kindle and read it to Michael that night. It’s quite a bit different from Tangled…and boring if you ask me.

Michael’s buddy came over earlier that day and they played with water balloons. I finally figured out how to show pics without revealing identity…a black bar…duh Amber.


I almost forgot. Michael and I played “Mother Gothel May I?” and “Mother Gothel Says”. Mother Gothel is the witch that raises Rapunzel. You should be able to guess what games these are. We just changed the name a bit.

The last two days were full of Cars. We watched Cars 1 and 2. Michael was allowed to play his Cars 2 video game a lot. I raced him a couple times too.

Disneycountdown7 096

It’s awesome the things you can make out of cardboard. I made this car out of  a box and. Then Michael painted it.

Disneycountdown7 082

He wrote “Dinoco” on it. A Cars reference.

Disneycountdown7 103

I made a stoplight and a stop sign out of toilet paper tubes and boxes.

Disneycountdown7 110

Here’s a pool noodle marble racer. I simply split the noodle in half and glued it together. Then I used tooth pics and string to set up the starting line.

Disneycountdown7 085

Disneycountdown7 084

A parking garage from toilet paper tubes and a cereal box.

Disneycountdown7 086

Michael went to the “Drive in” to see Cars 2. Here’s Michael and the kitty in his cardboard car.

Disneycountdown7 088

Disneycountdown7 089

The car wasn’t big enough for him to use as a car. He put his pillow in it and it was more like a cushiony seat. The car hop (mua) delivered popcorn and a drink. I had left over popcorn boxes from our circus theme during our Time Machine Unit:

Disneycountdown7 101

I ordered Disney pins that we can trade at Disney World. Are they real or imitation? I have no clue. But I figured Michael wouldn’t care either way. It’s nice to have a bunch of pins for our lanyards even if no one wants to trade.

Disneycountdown7 102

I decided to give Michael certificates for this past school year. Second Grade was a lot of work.  So he got a certificate for passing second grade.

Disneycountdown7 108

And he got the honor roll for keeping an “A” average. Homeschool is different from public school. We don’t make a big deal about grades. So it wasn’t a big deal to him but I’m proud that he did so well in math and reading. He got perfect on almost every spelling test. I don’t want to give him a big head but that’s great work.

Disneycountdown7 109

I need to start doing this each year so I can put it in his yearbooks (which I’m going to work on soon).

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Tune in next time  (Lord willing) for a “boyish” Princess week (Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty).

My Disney Pinterest (remember email sub. to come to my blog to see the link)


4 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~ Toy Story, Tangled, & Cars”

  1. Chris Says:

    Good job babe, it looks like Michael had fun.

  2. Rachel S. Says:

    Love those Sheriff Badge cookies! Michael has grown since I last saw him! Good job, Mom! 🙂

    • amberdover Says:

      Awwl thanks buddy 🙂 and you too! It’s funny how it takes awhile for me to realize he’s grown. I need to look at some old pics I guess. Miss ya!

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