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An Early My Family Rocks! Sunday: Tessa Gets a Shave August 3, 2013

In this post: Tessa, our 11 year old Sheltie mix finally gets rid of her heavy coat, dinner with friends, and an elegant yet easy hairstyle.

Hello dear ones. My posts are going to be early this week so I won’t forget lol. So I hope you’ll forgive me for so many at once. This weekend Tessa finally got groomed.

New Camera August 2013 040

Here she is before with all her hair. We usually take her to the groomer and it gets expensive. You can see she hasn’t had a trim in awhile. So we finally wised up and bought some clippers. It took Chris hours to shave her.

New Camera August 2013 027

Tessa getting a bath. She looks a lot skinnier without her hair.

New Camera August 2013 029

Tessa’s tail is a bit strange looking but she’s going to feel so much cooler. And now she can stay inside more.

New Camera August 2013 039

And the lion will lay down with the lamb….

New Camera August 2013 022

We had a nice Friday hanging out with our  best buddies Hannah and James. Here’s me and Hannah.

New Camera August 2013 019

Hannah and Olivia, her daughter.

New Camera August 2013 016

Chris and James

New Camera August 2013 018

James and Liam, their son. The sweet brave boy is recovering from getting his tonsils out.

New Camera August 2013 017

Michael, Liam. and Olivia ~ best buddies!

New Camera August 2013 020

Inside out pony tail technique/ wedding bun:

New Camera August 2013 011

This was so pretty. It reminds me of a hairstyle I see in the Korean dramas I watch.

New Camera August 2013 013

New Camera August 2013 014

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “An Early My Family Rocks! Sunday: Tessa Gets a Shave”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    Tessa looks great! Glad you guys had fun visiting. Where were you eating at? Great and cool hair style! love you! Mom

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