The High King Lives

Disney World Day One August 14, 2013

Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is day one of four, of our Disney adventure :).

Disney2013PartOne 138

So last Wednesday, little man and I drove from my home town to Orlando Florida, all the way to Disney World. We stayed at Disney’s Pop Century resort. Disney people really are nice. The man at the gate to the resort commented on my shirt. Just everyone was so nice. I was impressed at the welcome we got just driving. The signs are cute.

Pop Century


Parking and check in was easy. We checked in online too so that made things quicker. I was in awe at how big the resort was. Check in reminded me of an airport. There were so many desks. The man who helped us was super sweet and very enthusiastic. We were given magic bands (they are so simple to use) and a welcome kit.  He showed us on a map where to park etc. We pulled around to our parking lot which was very close. Our magic band opened our hotel room. I just touched the band to the lock.

Disney2013PartOne 072

We didn’t go to Magic Kingdom first thing. I was tired from the drive. Michael watched Disney Jr while I got situated and read our packets.  Here are pics of our room:

Disney2013PartOne 055

Disney2013PartOne 056

If you read yesterday’s post you know I bought cheap Disney items to surprise Michael. One of them was this stuffed Pluto which became a quick bedtime buddy for lil man. I laid them out on the bed while he closed his eyes. The helicopter  was a gift from cousins.

Disney2013PartOne 061

After resting a good bit, we tried out the pool. We had a pool view and that was nice.

Disney2013PartOne 062

We were in the 80’s section. Pop Century is split up into different themes from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. We got the computer pool. There’s a big Walkman statue.

Disney2013PartOne 063

You can see a big computer to the right.

Disney2013PartOne 064

See the big floppy disk statue?

Disney2013PartOne 065

I decided on a Snow White clothing theme (Snow White shirt from Walmart, Red earrings, and a red hat). We didn’t wear our Mickey ears because they kept sliding off. The Disney version looked like they’d feel just as annoying.

Disney2013PartOne 068

I also sported a fake Cinderella tattoo. I didn’t have Snow White.

Disney2013PartOne 071

Disney2013PartOne 058

By the time we ate dinner in the cafeteria it was late. We waited a bit to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom. We arrived right as the electrical parade was starting (about 9 pm). It was so dark that I didn’t see the maps. So we basically had no plan the first night. We just wandered around!

Disney2013PartOne 076

Disney2013PartOne 080

Disney2013PartOne 089

We did our best to leave the parade early but the streets were blocked. We hurried to Adventureland  and rode Aladdin’s carpet ride before the crowds came. We also rode Pirate’s of the Caribbean. We virtually had no waiting time which was a huge difference from the next day.

The Wishes fireworks show began at 10 pm and it was super crowded. We missed some of it because we were being herded like cattle  walking through the crowds. As pretty as it was, I never want to experience that again.

Disney2013PartOne 113

The good news is that after the fireworks people began to clear out. I had no clue where to go first. A nice cashier at a concession stand stopped me and asked where we were going (we were going against the crowd). I told him I had no idea. He showed me a quicker way to Tomorrowland so we went there. We went straight to Monster’s Inc laugh floor for the comedy show. It was good to sit down and take a breather after the crowds.

Then we hurried through the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Again, hardly any waiting.

Disney2013PartOne 115

Disney2013PartOne 116

Next, we zipped over to The Mad Hatter’s Teacup ride. We were racing to all the rides we could before closing at 12 am.

Disney2013PartOne 117

Dumbo’s circus ride

Disney2013PartOne 119

I was surprised how easy it was to get around the park when the crowds left. I didn’t need the map. It was like a big wheel. We hurried to Fantasyland and rode Journey of the Little Mermaid. Again I was so thankful we rode our favorite rides that night when the streets were practically empty.

Disney2013PartOne 120

Michael by the Gaston fountain. You can tell how empty the place is. We could not have taken these next pictures during the day. It was way too crowded.

Disney2013PartOne 128

Be Our Guest restaurant and the Beast’s castle in the background. The next day we waited over an hour and a half to eat there.

Disney2013PartOne 129

Here I am in front of Cinderella’s castle.

Disney2013PartOne 131

Through the Castle but not inside. I never saw inside. I think it’s a restaurant.

Disney2013PartOne 134

Disney2013PartOne 135

Michael with Goofy (his favorite character). We bought a Goofy stuffed animal at a gas station on the way home (still cheaper than the Disney store).

Disney2013PartOne 136

Michael, Mickey Mouse, and Walt Disney….right before closing. The first picture in this post was taken by a nice family. We also took a picture for them.

Disney2013PartOne 137

The streets of Disney’s Magic Kingdom…

Disney2013PartOne 139

Michael that night with his buddy Pluto.

Disney2013PartOne 143

Despite the crowds it was a good start to our vacation. We got back to our resort after 1 am. The Disney bus felt completely safe. I’d say the whole resort was safer than my front yard at night. Because we had ridden so many rides, it felt fine to sleep in the next morning. Join us for day two tomorrow. 🙂

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Disney tips ~reserve a seat for the parades…preferably at a restaurant which needs to be done about 6 months ahead of time. Stay after the fireworks and the crowd leaves…especially if Extra Magic Hours are there the next morning.

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