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Disney World Day Two August 15, 2013

Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is day two of four, of our Disney adventure :).

Disney2013PartOne 210

Day two I decided to dress like Belle with a yellow top, pink pants, a rose necklace, and pink heart earrings. I wore my hair up fancy and sported a fake “Belle” tattoo. Yeah, adults aren’t allowed to dress in full costume at Disney unless you work there. So this is as close as I got.

Disney2013PartOne 144

Disney2013PartOne 146

Disney2013PartOne 149

Disney2013PartOne 151

I wanted to prepare for our lunch at the “Be Our Guest” restaurant. Michael dressed as a pirate and I painted his face.

Disney2013PartOne 153

Disney2013PartOne 154

We took a kid’s devotional to do in the mornings.

Disney2013PartOne 145

We  packed some snacks in the ol’ fanny pack and we were ready to go!

Disney2013PartOne 155

Michael looking cool at our resort.

Disney2013PartOne 156

  • Be Our Guest restaurant

Disney2013PartOne 160

So if you compare yesterdays pics you can tell this place was a lot busier during the day. On the right there is a long line with people holding umbrellas to keep from burning. We are nearly in the gate. We waited over an hour and a half to eat at this restaurant. The wait was painful but worth it. Enjoy the pics of this new area in Fantasyland :).

Disney2013PartOne 158

Finally inside…the suits of armor talk back n’ forth to each other. Some cough and snore. It’s funny.

Disney2013PartOne 162

The decor is very regal.

Disney2013PartOne 163

Disney2013PartOne 164

This is the room where you put your order on the computer and also pay. Then they give you a rose to take to your table. It lets them know where to bring your food.

Disney2013PartOne 166

Michael had Mickey Meatloaf and I had a delicious pork roast with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was so worth the price. I just wish I could’ve boxed what I didn’t finish.

Disney2013PartOne 167

There are three rooms and we ate in the ballroom. It was like stepping into the movie.

Disney2013PartOne 168

You can see the angels painted on the ceiling!

Disney2013PartOne 169

The windows are magical. It looks like it’s dark outside and snowing. Really it’s blazing hot Summer.

Disney2013PartOne 170

The dessert was yummy and honestly we could’ve split it but we each got our own. We had a rich chocolate cupcake with a raspberry on top.

Disney2013PartOne 173

Here I am. I’m glad I took a sweater for inside. Michael and I sat near an older woman and her college aged son. She was touched by the two of us dining together. She said it reminded her of when she took her son at 6 years old to Disney just them two (after her husband died). Now her son is graduating from college and they were there again. I was glad we brought back good memories. I enjoy my little dates with my son.

Disney2013PartOne 174

After we ate, we were allowed to take pictures of the other two rooms. This is the West Wing and again the details are phenomenal. You can see the picture of the Beast as a prince, all ripped up.

Disney2013PartOne 177

Here’s without flash.

Disney2013PartOne 179

Here’s the enchanted rose and the magic mirror.

Disney2013PartOne 182

Disney2013PartOne 184

Everything is shredded and has that cursed look.

Disney2013PartOne 185

This is the Rose Room and I believe it’s reserved for supper time. You need to get a reservation way ahead of time.  The middle of the room is like a giant music box. Belle and the Beast dance in the middle and there’s a little tune that plays.

Disney2013PartOne 186

Disney2013PartOne 187

Pictures of the couple are all over the Rose room.

Disney2013PartOne 188

It’s really lovely.

Disney2013PartOne 189

Disney2013PartOne 191

The stained glass window from the movie. If you’re going to Disney I suggest that you eat at “Be Our Guest”. It’s worth the price and it’s a great experience.

Disney2013PartOne 192

  • Belle’s Cottage/ Enchanted Tales with Belle

Disney2013PartOne 193

We waited 40 minutes to see Belle at her cottage. It sprinkled on us some but I was determined to see Belle at Magic Kingdom.

Disney2013PartOne 194

A picture of Belle and her mother.

Disney2013PartOne 195

A magical mirror opened a passage to the Beast’ castle.

Disney2013PartOne 198

Here we find the talking dresser. Our guide took different props out of the drawers so the kids could play characters from Beauty and the Beast. It’s supposed to be Belle’s anniversary so they’re putting on a play for her. The kids that participated got to have their picture with Belle.

Disney2013PartOne 200

We enter the library and Lumiere the candlestick gives us directions before Belle comes in.

Disney2013PartOne 207

This little girl is playing the beast. I’ve got them dancing on video. You can see a bigger picture of Belle at the beginning of this post.

Disney2013PartOne 212

This little girl is playing Maurice in the dungeon. I wish I would’ve had more time to take pictures of the library. It was beautiful. Sadly we never met the Beast.

Disney2013PartOne 213

  • Alice in Wonderland Hedge

Disney2013PartOne 216

  • Cinderella’s Castle during the day

Disney2013PartOne 218

  • The Hall of Presidents

Disney2013PartOne 220

Disney2013PartOne 221

This was a neat show. Michael actually wanted to see it. I thought it might be boring but it was inspiring and little man really liked it.

Disney2013PartOne 224

  • Captain Jack Sparrow put on a show for aspiring pirates. We watched just a bit and left. The actor did well….though he’s no Johnny Depp.

Disney2013PartOne 228

Disney2013PartOne 232

  • The Swiss Robinson Tree House ~ there wasn’t a line to tour this attraction. It’s one of the older attractions and it helps to know the book first.

Disney2013PartOne 240

  • Tinkerbell and Terrance

I wish I had taken off the fanny pack and sweater before taking these pics….ugg. We waited 30 to 40 minutes to meet Tinkerbell & Terrance. They both stayed in character and I was all giddy. I had to remind my inner five year old that they were just actors.

Disney2013PartOne 243

Tinkerbell trying to convince Michael to be a good pirate like Jake and the Neverland pirates. Michael wanted to side with Captain Hook. I told her I was going to convert him :).

Disney2013PartOne 244

She blew us both a kiss as we left and I really expected to have a bit of pixie dust on my shoulder…maybe fly to the next ride.

Disney2013PartOne 245

  • Animation Studios ~ We rode Pirates of the Caribbean once more and then caught a bus to Animation Studios. The place was all decked out to celebrate the new movie Monster’s University.

Disney2013PartOne 248

Disney2013PartOne 249

  • A Monster’s University Rock Concert

Disney2013PartOne 250

  • Mike and Sully on stage

Disney2013PartOne 252

  • The Little Mermaid show

Disney2013PartOne 260

Disney2013PartOne 265

Ariel and Eric

Disney2013PartOne 270

  • Toy Story friends ~ there was a long line to meet Buzz and Woody so we just didn’t. There were a couple of toy soldiers in the street though.  We didn’t have to wait really at all. So we got this guy’s autograph and some neat pics with him.

Disney2013PartOne 271

Disney2013PartOne 272

Disney2013PartOne 273

  • Free Pirate Food~ So we decided to indulge in popcorn, a cookie, and some soda. It was all free! The cashier asked Michael to give his best piratey “arrrrrrrrr” and so the snacks were complimentary. I love Disney people. They are so stinkin’ nice! Here’s Michael giving me a piratey show.

Disney2013PartOne 274

  • Random pics at Animation Studios

Disney2013PartOne 278

Disney2013PartOne 279

  • And we ended the day with sandwiches in the room and a bubble bath for Michael.

Disney2013PartOne 282

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Join us tomorrow for Day Three.

Day One:

Day Three


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