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Disney World Day Three August 16, 2013

Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is day three of four, of our Disney adventure !

2Disney2013 006

We spent day three at Animation Studios. I decided to go with a Princess and the Frog/ Mardi Gras theme: a purple top, a peacock headband (have to zoom in to see it), green earrings, and a Princess Tiana fake tattoo.

2Disney2013 003

Michael went with a Hawaiian Goofy: Hawaiian shirt and hat. Goofy is his favorite character.

2Disney2013 114

We missed our first show on Fast Pass because I miscalculated bus times. So we decided to meet a character while we waited for the next show.  We were pleased as punch to see Mickey Mouse!

2Disney2013 004

Mickey wanted Michael’s hat. 😛

2Disney2013 005

2Disney2013 010

2Disney2013 008

2Disney2013 009

He gave me a kiss before we left…again, my inner five year old was turning flips.

  • Be prepared for several pics. You already know that I love Beauty and the Beast. We enjoyed the musical.

Gaston thinking about how cool he is.

2Disney2013 012

Be our guest! Be our guest!

2Disney2013 017

Beast’s castle

2Disney2013 023

Let’s kill the beast!

2Disney2013 025

Oh no! Don’t die beast!

2Disney2013 028

Mama, it’s a man!

2Disney2013 030

2Disney2013 031

I’m so glad you’re not furry anymore!

2Disney2013 032

Happily ever after :).

2Disney2013 043

  • Star Tours ~ So I didn’t get pictures of this ride because we were rushing with our fast pass. But we did catch a glimpse of Darth Vader at the Jedi training academy. It was a very brief glimpse. Michael had a blast on Star Tours.

2Disney2013 044

The Muppet show was closed but I did get a nice pic of this muppet fountain.

2Disney2013 046

  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area

2Disney2013 048

Michael riding an ant. This was one of his favorite areas.

2Disney2013 050

2Disney2013 055

2Disney2013 056

2Disney2013 059

2Disney2013 064

  • We took a snack break in the Writer’s Cafe. Here’s Michael with his decaf iced mocha something or other and a Mickey ears brownie.  It was a quiet place to relax.

2Disney2013 065

  • Disney Junior live on stage!

2Disney2013 068

2Disney2013 070

2Disney2013 071

Princess Sophia caused it to snow!

2Disney2013 072

Here’s Doc Mcstuffins.

2Disney2013 074

This time we got bubbles!

2Disney2013 076

Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

2Disney2013 081

2Disney2013 086

Gold doubloons! 

2Disney2013 090

Minnie’s birthday party.

2Disney2013 092

  • Lights, Motors, Action! stunt show

2Disney2013 094

So I had a hard time with this show. At one point they had a stunt with a fake sniper and a lot of fake gunfire. I was ready to shove Michael under a bench and hide. I really got upset. My panic attack kept getting worse and I felt like I was going to hurl so we left the show early. Michael was upset but he agreed that Mommy was more important than cars.

2Disney2013 096

We did however see several cool stunts and even Lightening McQueen. It was just too loud and scary for me.

2Disney2013 099

  • AMC Fork and Dine Theater~ It’s a good thing we left early because if not we would’ve missed our dinner reservations completely. It took awhile for our Downtown Disney bus to get to us and we waited in the wrong bus line for 15 minutes. Buses from the parks don’t go to Downtown Disney. So we had to catch a bus to our resort and then catch another bus from there to Downtown.

So we were already late for our reservation to eat dinner while watching the movie “Planes” in 3D at the Fork and Dine theater. We literally ran from one end of down town to the other. It was painful. Since we were late they almost didn’t know where to seat us but it worked out. I was too tired to pay attention to the movie but I was thankful to have a comfy seat and a good meal. It was such a peaceful meal. The other restaurants looked crowded and chaotic. So we never tried the Rain forest or Dinosaur restaurant but I’m glad we chose the theater. It was comfy :).

I never had the time to take a pic of the AMC but here’s other pics from downtown. This is the Disney Quest interactive adventure and the cirque du le tent. I had vouchers for Disney Quest and didn’t realize it in time. We were so tired afterwards and it was extremely crowded so we didn’t do much of anything but window shop.

2Disney2013 116

2Disney2013 119

This would’ve been neat but look how crowded it was.

2Disney2013 121

The Lego store (which was too crowded and too expensive to enjoy) has Lego statues everywhere.

2Disney2013 123

2Disney2013 128

The World of Disney was a huge Disney store. Yet again it was too crowded and pricey to enjoy. We didn’t buy anything at this outing and chose not to go back to downtown.

2Disney2013 125

2Disney2013 129

The Disney Christmas store. If only we were rich…..even so I’m not sure I could pay so much for an ornament.

2Disney2013 131

I’m sure downtown would be great during a different time of the year and if we had money to burn. There were street musicians and hot air balloon rides. I also think I could’ve enjoyed it if I was by myself. I was so busy keeping Michael safe in the crowd that I was stressed out.  My feet were blistered a bit when we got back to the resort.  I rested a bit before taking Michael to the pool.  We had thought of visiting Magic Kingdom again after the parade but were too pooped to party.

I’d say day three was the hardest day. So heed my advice and give yourself plenty of wait time for buses and time for the bus to get to your destination. Sometimes you need an hour and a half because you have to walk from the theme park to the bust stop…wait for 20 minutes (or more depending on the line) and you may have to catch two buses. Also know where you’re going. We had no clue the AMC was at the far end of where the bus dropped us off.

I’d also say to be aware of the affects in certain shows. Research online before you go.  We had to go to Disney at one of the busiest times but if you can hold out a  couple of weeks later I’m sure there’d be less crowds….say after school has started.

Thankfully this was the only rough day we had at Disney. Tomorrow I’ll post our final day. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Day Two:

Day Four:


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  1. humphreyjen Says:

    I’m really enjoying all the pics!! It’s been years since I’ve been to Disney, so it’s super fun to see it through you and Michael’s experience.

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