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Disney World Day Four August 18, 2013

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Dear ones, join me for Disney memories and how to dress like a Disney princess (the adult way). This is the last day of our Disney adventure !

2Disney2013 179

Our final day we went to Animal Kingdom.

2Disney2013 314

I decided to where my Lion King shirt.

2Disney2013 132

  • The Lion King musical ~ we missed our fast pass time for the show but we still found a seat. Again I didn’t give enough time for the bus wait and ride.  Anywho, the Lion King was a spectacular show.

2Disney2013 140

2Disney2013 142

2Disney2013 148

2Disney2013 150

When I planned our trip I had thought we would skip Animal Kingdom and just do two theme parks. A friend of Chris’ mentioned how great the park was so I changed my mind. I figured it would just be a big zoo.  But Animal Kingdom was a cultural experience.  It was fun walking through the streets.

2Disney2013 153

  • The drummers in the Africa section were fun and people stopped to dance in the street. Michael and I danced a bit while walking. The shops had an authentic feel too. If it wasn’t for the Disney merchandise I’d think we were in another country.

2Disney2013 155

  • Safari ~ The safari was neat. We rode in a jeep through a replic of the African Savannah. It was beautiful and the animals looked so natural. Even the big cats looked free but they were in an enclosure though for safety reasons but I couldn’t tell. I had to ask how they kept the lions from hurting people. The safer animals roamed freely. Once an ostrich caused a road block.

2Disney2013 157


2Disney2013 162


2Disney2013 167


2Disney2013 169

Baby giraffes

2Disney2013 179

2Disney2013 183

The lonely Ox

2Disney2013 185


2Disney2013 187

2Disney2013 189


2Disney2013 193

2Disney2013 194

A sleepy lion

2Disney2013 205

Pumbaa ;P…a warthog

2Disney2013 207

Zebra bottoms

2Disney2013 210

2Disney2013 215

  • We took a walk down one of the trails and got to see many other animals.

2Disney2013 218

Monkeying around as usual…

2Disney2013 219

2Disney2013 223

The naked mole rats

2Disney2013 224

So cute!

2Disney2013 226

There were so many beautiful birds.

2Disney2013 231

I’m not sure what kind they are but they make the neatest nests.

2Disney2013 234

2Disney2013 243

Lots of fish

2Disney2013 233

2Disney2013 238

Quack quack!

2Disney2013 240

Another hippo!

2Disney2013 244

2Disney2013 245

A very lazy gorilla…

2Disney2013 248

2Disney2013 250

In the jungle the mighty jungle…

2Disney2013 253

2Disney2013 254

Michael playing the drums.

2Disney2013 264

The tree of Life~ if you look close you can see all the animals carved into it.

2Disney2013 269

  • Meeting Pooh Bear and Tigger!

2Disney2013 270

This was exciting for me. I think Pooh was surprised that I wanted to get in the picture. I’m just a big kid.

2Disney2013 271

Tigger blew me a kiss. Now Chris has to worry about Mickey and Tigger 😉 lol JK. It’s nice that the characters humor adults as well.

2Disney2013 272

  • Finding Nemo the musical~ So we caught one last show with fast pass and it was plenty to keep us out of the heat.

2Disney2013 273

The costumes and effects were just great. The actors did really well.

2Disney2013 293

2Disney2013 300

I love the big costumes and props they have…like this big bird.

2Disney2013 304

  • Dinosaur Land

2Disney2013 309

We were exhausted so we didn’t do much here except play in the bone yard.

2Disney2013 311

2Disney2013 313

  • We ended our day at the resort. My feet were still sore and we needed a rest. I had pizza delivered to our room and some chocolate cake. We watched t.v., ate, and then I napped a bit. It was so nice to relax.

2Disney2013 315

That evening we finally checked out Pop Century’s arcade (at our resort).

2Disney2013 323

2Disney2013 324

We also explored the different areas and eras of the resort.

2Disney2013 316

There were so many fun statues.

2Disney2013 318

2Disney2013 319

2Disney2013 320

2Disney2013 321

We ended the night by trying out the other two pools on the other side of the resort. Here’s the Hippy Dippy pool in the 60’s section.

2Disney2013 326

2Disney2013 329

And the bowling pool in the 50’s section :).

2Disney2013 331

We had a good night sleep and the next day I drove home. It was supposed to be a 6 1/2 hour trip but turned into 8 hours because I kept getting sleepy and pulling over. The interstate was too monotonous. Next time I have to drive I’m taking the scenic route.  I was so happy to finally get home and see my hubby. The animals were happy to see us too.  It was a nice trip but I always get homesick after a couple of days.

Thanks dears ones for joining us on our Disney adventure :).  Thank you for your prayers and I’m so glad I could share this with you.

God bless & remember the High King lives ! ~Amber Dover

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