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Crafty Monday: Creation, the Flood, and Personality August 27, 2013

In this post: Our first two weeks of school. Our schedule. A craft for the states, creation, and Noah’s ark. “About Me” crafts etc…

BacktoSchool2013 053

Hello dear ones! We’re a few weeks into third grade over here. It’s been rather different from lower grades. We’ve started a stricter schedule which we’ve kept all of two days. Still we’ve had somewhat better structure than usual. Above you’ll see the silhouette portrait  we did of Michael. Inside it he drew his favorite things. We put this on the wall in his homeschool room.

BacktoSchool2013 036

I’ve introduced a few new ideas that I’ve come up with and also found on other blogs.

In the mornings before school officially starts, Michael writes the date in his calendar book.

BacktoSchool2013 033

He also checks the weather on my tablet and records the temperature and…

BacktoSchool2013 034

the weather.

BacktoSchool2013 035

BacktoSchool2013 032

Michael filled out this “Glad to Be in Grade 3” paper from:

BacktoSchool2013 006

I haven’t did this everyday like I wanted to but I’ve started incorporating “outdoor challenges”.  Here’s Michael watching the ants, his first challenge.

BacktoSchool2013 001

The first week we talked about Creation. So Michael learned about hot and cool colors by drawing the sun and moon.

BacktoSchool2013 004

We also began our study of the USA regions and states. 

BacktoSchool2013 005

BacktoSchool2013 007

I made prayer sticks for prayer time.

BacktoSchool2013 008

Second, outdoor challenge: tree bark rubbings.

BacktoSchool2013 010

BacktoSchool2013 011

BacktoSchool2013 012

We began “Draw and Write Through History”.


Michael drew a creation scene.

BacktoSchool2013 022

We took school pictures but I’ll show you those Sunday (Lord willing). We tried to pinpoint the estimated location of the Garden of Eden. There’s no way to know exactly where it would be. It’s guess work.

BacktoSchool2013 026

Then we put a pin on our Biblical World History chart.

BacktoSchool2013 027

BacktoSchool2013 028

I’ve been reading old books at story time and also books from

BacktoSchool2013 037

Michael and Tessa

BacktoSchool2013 041

Our homeschool group started up again. We signed up for our host days.

BacktoSchool2013 042

  • Alabama’s capitol in sprinkles 🙂


BacktoSchool2013 057

BacktoSchool2013 058

BacktoSchool2013 059

  • Outdoor challenge: figure out who our spider is. We have this beautiful green spider living on a flower.  We found out that it’s a green lynx spider.

BacktoSchool2013 062

  • The second week we talked about Noah’s ark. Michael drew this picture from his drawing book.

BacktoSchool2013 065

Hannah hosted our first homeschool meeting. We had an “All about Me” day.

BacktoSchool2013 072

The kids made mobiles about themselves. Here’s Hannah’s.

BacktoSchool2013 073

Michael and his buddy Liam.

BacktoSchool2013 074

Hannah read a silly book about liking ourselves…even if we have crazy hair and a pig’s nose etc…

BacktoSchool2013 075

Michael and his mobile. His talked about faith, his family, the computer, and pizza. All his favorites :).

BacktoSchool2013 076

Michael with the nursing home volunteers where we play bingo. We didn’t help over the Summer so everyone was happy to see him.

Nursing Home

Well, there wasn’t much to share this time but things are going to get real fun when we get into our country studies (not at the group but at home this time). Lord willing, we will be studying Egypt and many other countries through time from Creation to the 1800’s.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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One Response to “Crafty Monday: Creation, the Flood, and Personality”

  1. Rachel S. Says:

    WOW! I am definitely going to be implementing that calendar notebook idea! Thanks for the tip! And what a great find with that green spider! Looks like you’re both off to a great start this year! 🙂

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