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Crafty Monday: The Tower of Babel & The Rats of NIMH September 3, 2013

In this post: Fun and crafts as we learn about the tower of Babel. Also a stuffed rat & journal activities for The Rats of NIMH. Then our group’s first book club, all about hats, and hosted by Rachel. 

Hello dear ones!  This week we continued our study of time and World History. We learned about the tower of Babel from the Bible. Michael drew then painted Babel from his art book. He used watercolors and we actually have watercolor paper now.



The Bible says that after the great flood, God told the people to spread out over the earth. Under the leadership of Nimrod, the people disobeyed and made a city called Babel. Then they built a tall tower. At this time everyone spoke the same language. God made the people speak different languages and so they finally dispersed and covered the earth.  Josephus (a Jewish historian from antiquity) said that near this time a group crossed the seas in ships. Some believe that those people became the Native Americans. It’s a thought to ponder.

The earliest peoples made bricks out of mud. So Michael and I made our own mud bricks, using ice cube trays. This also doubled as an outdoor challenge.

  • First, Michael dug the dirt.


  • Then he mixed the water.


  • Then we  sifted the  dirt to get out debris.
  • 014
  • Lastly, we poured the mud into the tray and let it sun bake.


Our mud bricks weren’t that stable.


We’ve been learning about body systems in Science. So I got this huge body puzzle that’s two-sided. Here’s the skeletal system.


  • We added two more states and capitals to our list on the chalk board and…


the wall. Yeah, Michael likes to decorate things lol.


  • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

I remember this book as a kid. It was one of my favorites. So I was excited to start the Rats of NIMH with Michael.


Michael read “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Rats!” book and wrote five rat facts in his journal.


We also made a stuffed rat toy. I got the idea here:

  • Make a heart shape out of paper.


  • Fold felt in half and also the paper heart.


  • Then cut around the paper.


  • Sew the rat together but leave an opening big enough to stuff.


  • Then sew the rat all the way up.


  • Lastly, sew on eyes, ears, a nose, and a tail. We used wiggly eyes, a pom pom nose, and a pipe cleaner tail. The ears are felt.


Here’s Michael’s reading journal.


Inside we’re putting pictures of the main books we read this year.


Then we have vocabulary words and questions from the book.


Here’s Michael highlighting words in the dictionary.


He was really excited about  learning to use the dictionary. I was delighted!


I got these nifty cardboard bricks at a teacher store. Michael had a blast building with them.


Here’s just part of his city. It got better and better.


I’ve been reading stories from The Book of Virtues For Young People at snack time. We got this from the library but I like it so much I ordered one.  There are so many awesome moral stories in here.


Here are some more library books as we learn about body systems.


On a different note: remember our green lynx spider? Well, he disappeared and I finally found what I believe to be his web. The zig zag pattern is the same that I’ve seen in a banana spider’s web. It’s beautiful. I’m sad that our spider left though. He was so faithful to his flower. I believe he’s probably dead :(.


In between studies,  Michael helped Chris build our shed. I’ll show more pics Sunday and hopefully it’ll be finished then. This also doubled as an outdoor challenge.


Michael and I in our hats.


Hannah and Rachel in their silly hats. Too cute!


Hannah and I cheesing it.


Rachel read a book called “Do You Have a Hat?” to the kiddos. You can see that the kids wore all kinds of marvelous head gear. This book taught us about famous people in History and the hats that they wore. It was fun :).


Then we made hats out of plastic plates.


Michael and his buddies.


Maggie, Rachel’s daughter, in her kewl animal hat.


Rachel made these super yummy and cute cowgirl hat cookies that look like Jessie’s hat (from Toy Story).


The center is a cinnamon gumdrop.


Here’s Michael’s cowboy hat. We had a blast!


  • So I’m starting to get excited about the new school year. We’re still adjusting to the third grade schedule. Mondays are always the hardest. Michael has the weekend on the brain and getting him to do schoolwork is like pulling teeth. The middle of the week goes the best and by Friday we’re ready to half kill each other! I’m learning to keep the schedule flexible.
  • One new thing we’re doing this year, is learning World History. I want to set a foundation of how things happened before we start skipping around in time. So we’ve started at the beginning and we look at our Bible time line that I showed you last week. I’m simplifying the stories and majoring on big events. We’re learning a bit about states and capitols but I plan on getting detailed with American history/ geography in the 4th grade.  I believe this is called classical learning.

So we are exploring World History with living books.  I’ve got many books in the “Who Was” series. When we get to Egypt, Michael will read “Who Was King Tut?”, Leonardo da Vinci for the renaissance, and Sacagawea for the 1800’s and so on.

BacktoSchool2013 089

We’re also reading some classic novels. Some of them go along with time periods and some with the seasons. These are just a few that I bought. I have a couple already on our shelf from my childhood.

BacktoSchool2013 087

I bought a stash of books just for fun too. I was delightfully surprised when Michael read “Despicable Me 2” for two hours one night.

BacktoSchool2013 086

I love using wrap ups for memorization. I was happy to find a states and capitals version.

BacktoSchool2013 090

I found a couple of Christian books by Adventures in Odyssey. One goes back in time to the battle between David and Goliath. The other goes back to the time of St. Patrick.

BacktoSchool2013 088

Here are just a few extra new things I put up in our room.

  • A books of the Bible poster


  • A globe ball that we can use marker on to mark what we study.


  • A tree. It also has leaves but I haven’t put them up yet. Last year, we made our own tree and that was fun. I plan on putting the names of famous people in history, on the leaves.


That’s about it. I never got around to posting our curriculum.  Simply, we are using Bob Jones for devotions, Lifepac for Science, Horizons for math, and an eclectic mash for everything else. I’ll have to share more later. This post is already a bit late.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: How’s school going for you teachers? And to everyone what’s your favorite book from childhood?

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4 Responses to “Crafty Monday: The Tower of Babel & The Rats of NIMH”

  1. Rachel S. Says:

    Aw, thanks for the plug! I love Michael’s rat! Too cute! 🙂

  2. lorettalittlefield Says:

    Kids were cute in their hats. Michael looked so cool! Michael is learning so much, he has come a long way! Great job Amber! love ya, Mom and Nana:)

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