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Crafty Monday Part 2: More Fall Crafts September 16, 2013

Hello dear ones, I hope you are well. I’ve got several Fall crafts to share with you: pillows, a family sign, and another fabulous centerpiece.

fall crafts

  • “Give Thanks” centerpiece 

I found this idea online and you can see the links on my Pinterest at the end of this post.

Ancient Egypt 2013 066

This was super simple to make. I painted wooden blocks of various shapes different Fall colors. Then I glued them together, modge podged it to seal them, and glued a bow to the top.

Ancient Egypt 2013 063

  • Autumn Sign

This idea was actually original. I needed a Fall sign to replace my heart sign in the kitchen.  So I painted a wooden sign and added wooden owls to it.

Ancient Egypt 2013 058

I hung the little wooden pieces by gluing the twine to the back. I put various Fall items on them. They don’t hang evenly but I guess that gives the sign character. Also I’m too lazy to pull off the glue.

Ancient Egypt 2013 060

I just had to throw in a pic of my crazy cat.

Ancient Egypt 2013 069

  • Owl pillows

I wanted more Fall pillows for the couch. I usually don’t sew but I couldn’t find the right pillows anywhere.

Ancient Egypt 2013 084

So I found some gorgeous orange material with white dots on it. I bought some brown ribbon and little owl buttons.

You can tell from the zig zags that this is not professional.

Ancient Egypt 2013 076

I stuffed the pillows and then I wrapped them with ribbon and sewed the ribbon to the pillow. I sewed the owl buttons to the center of the bow.  They’re not perfect but I’m very happy with them.  You’d think the button would make the pillows uncomfortable but actually they are very fluffy and nice. I often prop one behind my back.

Ancient Egypt 2013 083

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Here’s where I got inspiration for the sign:


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