The High King Lives

My Family Rocks! Sunday: Yom Kippur Celebration with Friends September 22, 2013

Hello dear ones! Last weekend we camped out at our best friends’ house, the Chamber’s. We had a great time of fellowship and Hannah made some delicious food. We also sang worship songs and camp songs around the fire.  It’s always a joy to be with our buddies in the Lord.

Olivia, Michael, and Liam around the fire pit.

CampingatHannahs2013 022

James, Hannah, and Chris

CampingatHannahs2013 011

The kids being silly. We had hot dogs, chips, and baked beans.

CampingatHannahs2013 013

CampingatHannahs2013 012

For dessert we had pumpkin bars, apple cider, and later s’mores.  Here’s Chris playing worship & camp songs on our guitar.

CampingatHannahs2013 018

Liam, Hannah, and me worshiping the Lord.

CampingatHannahs2013 019

The kids roasting marshmallows.

CampingatHannahs2013 024

We jokingly arranged Michael and Olivia’s “marriage” years ago. I don’t know who God wants my son to marry and if he will even get married but it’s interesting seeing how his friendships grow.

CampingatHannahs2013 014

Michael and his best buddy Liam. The guys are taking down the tents in the back.

CampingatHannahs2013 025

Our tents in the back yard. Who says you can’t camp in the suburbs? 🙂

CampingatHannahs2013 017

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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