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Crafty Monday: Ancient Israel and Her Neighbors September 23, 2013

In this Post: Crafts, books, and food as we learn about Ancient Israel and her neighbors. Also a trip to the animal shelter and International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Plus our Sukkot pottery is finished!

Hello dear ones! This past week we studied Ancient Israel in Story of the World. Please don’t miss the Israeli dessert Malabi in the middle. You can find recipes and craft instructions on my Pinterest here:

This was a super easy week for us since we already know a lot about Israel. We’re Christians and our whole faith has it’s roots in God’s promise to the Israelites. We’ve also been celebrating Sukkot which is a Jewish/Biblical feast.

It was however, fascinating to see the kind of world Abraham lived in before God called him out.  Abraham lived in the city of Ur and most likely worshiped the moon god. Then one day the true and only God introduced Himself and Abraham’s whole life changed. Ur was under King Sargon who united Mesopotamia. It was a prosperous place for Abraham’s family. But God had called Abraham to leave and go to Canaan, a place that at that time was inhabited by wild men.  Imagine finding out that all you thought you knew was a lie..then leaving it all behind for the unknown and a mysterious powerful God that you just met. That’s faith!

Kingdoms rose and fell but God stayed faithful to his people. A remnant always remained. The Israelites made it through Egypt and later to the promised land. Despite persecution and being taken captive constantly, they have survived. God has kept His promise, all because one man had the faith to obey.

  • The Ark of the Covenant~ Michael drew and painted this from his drawing book. He also wanted to draw the walls of Jericho.


The Ark was important because God promised to meet Moses there. God can not be kept in a box. But he did promise to show His presence with the Ark.  It served as a reminder of what God had done for the Hebrews.  The Ark itself wasn’t powerful but rather what it stood for and God’s presence that met there. The Ark is lost now but it is no longer needed.Now by the blood of Jesus,  the messiah, we can have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. God himself tabernacles with us. We can approach Him boldly because Jesus paid for our sin. You see, back before Jesus came to earth, the Holy Spirit only rested on certain ones and for certain periods of time. Now things are different. That is why the temple veil near the Holy of Holies split from top to bottom. We have free access. Praise God!

Israel SOW 2013 004

I forgot to take pictures but we also marked Israel on the map, the globe, and the time line.

In Science we finished learning about the food groups. Michael is very health conscious these days.

Israel SOW 2013 003

Michael read “Who Was Johnny Appleseed?” and filled out his journal questions. Our group is learning about Johnny Appleseed this week so I wanted him to be prepared. We also watched a Scholastic movie about Johnny on Netflix.

Israel SOW 2013 007

  • Matzo Ball Soup~ This is my favorite Israeli meal. Michael helped me mix the Matzo balls.  It taste a bit similar to chicken and dumplings but without the chicken.

Israel SOW 2013 008

Then we broke out the Matzo. I always thought it was spelled Matzah but I guess not. We were going to make a big Matzo house but couldn’t stand the thought of gluing it together and wasting food. So we got out the peanut butter and had a snack.

Israel SOW 2013 009

We did break the Matzo up and try to make small houses.

Israel SOW 2013 010

They kept falling down and peanut butter does not work as glue!

Israel SOW 2013 011

Michael’s tee pee matzo. The matzo goes great with soup.

Israel SOW 2013 012

  • Tissue Paper Jerusalem~ So I drew the city on the non-sticky side of contact paper and Michael tore bits of tissue and stuck it on.

Israel SOW 2013 014

Then I wiped off the dry erase marker and we put more contact paper on the other side to hold it all together. Voila!

Israel SOW 2013 015

  • We learned about Sumeria this past week too. I really like the books in this series. Here’s “You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Sumerian Slave!”

Israel SOW 2013 032

  • Malabi~ an Israeli dessert that’s a pudding. You can find the recipe on the Pinterest link above. Malabi is delicious and super sweet. I think it’d be great for fruit dip. I kept this on the stove a good while and it still was soupy. So I ended up putting it in the microwave and adding more cornstarch. Then it was at the right thickness.


This is what happens when you microwave Malabi and don’t put a cover over it!


The rose water adds a unique taste. I barely put any and it was strong. I’ll leave it out next time. I’m not one for rose water ever since I made nasty Turkish delight. We tried strawberry and almonds & hot fudge and caramel. They were both good. It’s very creamy. Still I couldn’t eat much because it was so sweet. I’m going to try it with apples next. I think that’ll balance it out.


  • We also learned about the Assyrians and King Shamshi Adad. We learned what a dictator is. We also read about Hammurabi and his code. Michael read “You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Assyrian Soldier!”

Israel SOW 2013 036

  • We read the story of Gilgamesh and watched a short cartoon about it on Youtube. The link is on a blog on my Pinterest. I think the story is overrated. Gilgamesh was a thug not a hero. Personally, I thought the story was weird.
  • Our Sukkot plate and ornament is finished. Yaaaa!

Israel SOW 2013 041

We added it to our collection. It’s hard to believe it’s been six years of celebrating Sukkot. I love celebrating the Harvest and thinking about how this world isn’t our home. Our flesh is like a tent for our spirit as we pass through this life. Our true home is with God in Heaven.  Also Jesus came down to tabernacle (dwell) with us. Sukkot is called the Feast of Tabernacles. A tabernacle is a tent.

When you live in a tent there is all kinds of hardship. You get rained on and you’re vulnerable to wild animals. This life is also hard and dangerous. But one day we will be safe and full of peace in our true home and kingdom. I often say the High King lives. That is because Jesus is the king of kings. He is my true king and God’s kingdom is my true home. Christians are strangers and pilgrims passing through this world. The Israelites lived in tents until God brought them to the promised land. It’s important to know that under the old/first covenant, the promise was physical and of a physical place. The new covenant is all about the spiritual and a person’s heart.

*We made pottery every year except one, when we decorated a shirt. We have three plates (one is in memory of my Dad, for the year he died), a mug (that has a piratey saying inside), and a cookie jar (with a picture of Chester our cat on it).

Israel SOW 2013 042

  • Later in the week, our group went to an animal shelter for a tour and to help out. Here’s little man coloring a doggie.

Israel SOW 2013 017

Our group donated  dog food and toys.

Israel SOW 2013 019

Israel SOW 2013 018

One of the workers talked about what they do at the shelter and all the animals need.


The lady had a box with hidden objects in it. The kids had to guess what each object was used for. Then she talked about the object and how it helped the animals. Here’s Michael taking his turn.


Then all of the kids took a tour of the animals. The kittens were adorable! A lady in our group adopted one that day. I know her kiddos were happy.

Israel SOW 2013 027

They even had bunnies! I’m glad we didn’t stay too long because it was way too tempting. I’m up to my ears in crazy animals and our little house in the suburbs can’t handle much more. Though I still want a chicken….one day.

Israel SOW 2013 028

  • We dropped by the library and low and behold, it was International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Michael did piratey activities while I looked for books.

Israel SOW 2013 029

Israel SOW 2013 030

Michael loves pirates. You probably guessed so considering his pirate birthday party a couple years back and our love of The Pirates of the Caribbean. Here’s my lil matey with his eye patch from the library.

Israel SOW 2013 031

What a surprising and spontaneous day! I was tickled to learn that Krispy Kreme was giving free donuts to those dressed in pirate garb. So of course Michael dressed up and we hurried to the store. There was a whole line of pirates waiting for their donuts!

Israel SOW 2013 038

We had seen a neat pirate book at the library so we went to Barnes and Noble to look for it. We didn’t find the same book but we did get “Top 10 Worst Nasty Pirates You Wouldn’t Want to Meet!” It was great for the drive on our Sukkot camping trip the next day.

Israel SOW 2013 040

It was a lovely and simple week. We’re not done with Israel. We are tying in Biblical characters all through out our historical studies. We’ll also be learning how the Bible came about through the years. It’s exciting!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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