The High King Lives

Broadway Jewelry Review September 28, 2013

Hello dear ones! I usually don’t do business reviews but I was so impressed by this shop and it’s owner, Mr. Mabo. He did a very nice job of telling the stories behind the antiques and jewelry. So if you happen to pass through Columbus, Ga I hope  you take a trip to Broadway Jewelry at 1044 Broadway.  Let me give you a short tour ;).

Here’s Mr. Mabo, the owner. Broadway Jewelry has been in Columbus for five years and all their advertisement (til now) is by word of mouth.  Mr. Mabo has antiques and mainly jewelry from all over the world and many time periods. Below he is standing by authentic Native American jewelry.

Harry Potter 2013 101

Mr. Mabo was so friendly and very enthusiastic about his wares.  Here is a dream-catcher woven with deer sinew by an elderly Cherokee woman.

Harry Potter 2013 102

These cuffs were Celtic I believe. They have mermaids on them. You will find all kinds of unique pieces in this store.

Harry Potter 2013 106

Here’s one I really love. It’s an Amber necklace that is one of a kind. It’s about $400 but it’s nice to dream :).

Harry Potter 2013 121

Look at these fascinating poison rings. You won’t find these in the average jewelry store. And there’s the moonstone bracelet that’s very rare.

Harry Potter 2013 109

A very nice replica of the sword of Charlemagne. I really want this…hint hint ;).

Harry Potter 2013 099

Now, you can find pieces that are below $100 and even in the $20 range. Here are some gorgeous butterfly pins.

Harry Potter 2013 100

Look at these pieces up close. They are Egyptian from the early 1900’s.

Harry Potter 2013 110

Harry Potter 2013 111

Mr. Mabo showed us these coral necklaces. Some of them are actual red coral but the rest are dyed because true red coral is rare and almost extinct.

Harry Potter 2013 114

Mr. Mabo showed us how to tell the difference. Dyed red coral is smooth and completely red all over. But the real stuff is discolored and uneven. you can see in the back.

Harry Potter 2013 115

These pieces are made with tortoise shell. They are from the early 1900’s I believe, before the practice was banned. It’s illegal to use tortoise shells now.

Harry Potter 2013 116

Here’s one of my favorites. The shiny look of these comes from a rare butterfly. You can see the butterfly below. It was once on the endangered list but they are now coming back to the wild.  How I would love to see one alive.

Harry Potter 2013 117

Well, thank you for stopping by. I do hope you drop by the store sometime. Mr. Mabo will be pleased to answer any questions I’m sure. He knew that we couldn’t buy anything yet he was still willing to show us around and treat us like old friends. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to buy something special. I really have my eyes on that sword :).

Harry Potter 2013 123

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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