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Crafty Monday: Troy All the Way to Goliath September 30, 2013

In this post: Trojan horse cookies, a visit to a labyrinth as we study Crete, and Goliath’s big feet. Also Johnny Appleseed and more!

This past week we learned about the Trojan War. I used the recipe from here:

to make Trojan horse cookies.

Harry Potter 2013 026

The ones that I made following the recipe (cutting them after they baked) fell apart. This one that I cut before baking lasted.

Harry Potter 2013 022

Harry Potter 2013 023

Harry Potter 2013 024

You can see that there are three layers. the middle one has a space for M&M’s. Then I covered it with the third cookie.

Harry Potter 2013 025

This one crumbled on it’s own. You can see the candy in the middle.

Harry Potter 2013 030

We read an almost comic book like story of The Iliad.

Harry Potter 2013 016

Michael drew and painted this Trojan horse from his drawing book.

Harry Potter 2013 017

  • We learned that David and Goliath lived not long after the Trojan War. Here’s Michael’s Goliath feet. I also marked 9 ft on the wall to show how tall Goliath may have been.

Harry Potter 2013 004

Harry Potter 2013 002

Harry Potter 2013 001

Michael loved this Adventure’s in Odyssey book “Showdown with the Shepherd” about David and Goliath. He devoured it in two days. I was happily surprised.


David’s harp~ We used rubber bands instead of string.

Harry Potter 2013 135

  • While reading The Story of the World we also learned about Crete and the Minoans. We found them on the globe. We learned how Greece took over and also how eventually the “Sea people” (that became the Philistines) took over Greece. The Sea people were barbarians that killed just to kill. They also never took the time to learn to read and write.

Harry Potter 2013 010

We read the legend about the labyrinth under Crete’s palace and the horrible Minotaur. We also watched “Labyrinth” (the 80’s movie) just because…well it has a labyrinth in it.

Harry Potter 2013 006

A church not too far away has a smaller labyrinth made of brick. We decided to check it out.

Harry Potter 2013 019

Harry Potter 2013 020

It was fun to run around the maze. I don’t believe however, that labyrinths should be used for prayer since they were made for pagan meditation. I didn’t always think that but after research into the matter I do.

Harry Potter 2013 021

We aren’t finished with Greece. We’ve just dipped our toes in. We will spend a good bit of time there in the weeks to come, but first we will be stopping by Babylon.


Later that week we learned about the Assyrian ruler, King Ashurbanipal, that took over Babylon and Canaan and even Egypt! He also started the first library at Ninevah. We also learned about Phoenician ships and that Jonah may have very well sailed on one as he was running from God.


Michael drew a picture of Jonah’s whale.

Harry Potter 2013 046

I put up this Fall border.


I’ve started reading “The Scarecrow and His Servant” to Michael at night. There are some books by Philip Pullman that I don’t like because of his anti-religious views in them. But this book is fine so far.

Harry Potter 2013 012

I’ve been reading Fall books to Michael during snack time. I believe we will get into more Fall crafts soon too.


Little man got a Ninja mask and likes to wear it a lot now. I’m thankful he’s reading so I don’t mind costumes.

Harry Potter 2013 015

I also don’t mind pets hanging out in the reading pool. Aren’t they cute!

Harry Potter 2013 014

Our group did a study on Johnny Appleseed. First the kids tried different apples.

Harry Potter 2013 036

Then they graphed how many liked what apple.

Harry Potter 2013 038

After a story about Johnny Appleseed, the kiddos made paper plate apples. Here’s Rachel and Maggie.

Harry Potter 2013 042

Harry Potter 2013 043

It was a fun day. I can’t wait for all the Autumny themes our group will do this year.

Harry Potter 2013 044

You can find where I got my inspiration here:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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