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October 1st, Quite a Scare October 1, 2013

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Well, dear ones, you might need a laugh today. So you can have one on my account. I woke up this morning thinking my part of the world was ending. This is what happens when you don’t watch the news. You see I have major OCD and I panic easily. I also get depressed easily. I get stuck on things like the end of the world and conspiracies and such. I don’t take medication. I just don’t watch the news anymore. I leave that to my husband and he tells me anything super important.

Well, my hubby had mentioned the government shutdown a couple times but I had completely forgotten that it was today, October 1st. Honestly, my mind was on the fact that it’s the anniversary of my Dad’s death. Also that it’s pay day and I have a bunch of errands to do.

So I woke up to some strange number calling me. Then my hubby saying our bank has been down and he’s not sure we got paid….and then that our government has shut down. Remember I just woke up. I’m not a morning person and it takes awhile for my brain to unfog. The first thing I thought was that everything was crashing in the U.S. I freaked out and called my mom. “Mom , check your bank!” My mother who was on her way to work, very kindly and calmly, explained what was happening with congress and the temporary government shut down.

My husband and I were both in a bit of a panic since our bank’s website and phone service was down. Then I went online(praise God for the internet) and saw that many others were having the same problem with Suntrust and that no one was getting paid. Let’s just say things got very stressful in the Dover household. Mainly because I didn’t want all our bill pay checks to bounce if we didn’t get paid. I was thinking bounced checks and jail. Yes, I have a very big imagination. It’s great for being a write but horrible for life and general anxiety issues.

But this story has a good ending. It turns out it was the bank that malfunctioned and everyone’s automatic deposits had to be put in manually. What a scare for so many people though! Especially with today being what it is.  And it definitely fed my wild eyed belief that everything was ending and we were about to have to put those survival books to the test. Close to lunchtime the site was finally up and our paycheck put in.

I have to write about this to keep from crying. I really panicked. The good news is that my son finished his school work early because he was afraid to bother his panicky parents.  Seriously, my prayers are with those who are truly suffering from the furlough time.

What a day!  How about ya’ll? Did you panic today? Have any scares? How are people handling the shut down in your area?

God bless & remember the High King lives! And thankfully He is still in control and he takes care of anxious people like me!

~Amber Dover


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