The High King Lives

My Family Rocks! Sunday: The Fair, Festivals, & Pumpkin Gingerbread Cookies October 20, 2013

Hello dear ones! I hope you’re enjoying your fall. 🙂 Autumn brings some of my favorite things….fairs and festivals.


Last weekend, our local museum had a Fall festival. Michael got to wear his Bilbo (Hobbit) costume for the first time. Chris and I haven’t dressed up yet but our costumes are ready for the future festivals.  We then headed to a pumpkin nursery. The hayrides were expensive so Chris pulled Michael around in the pumpkin wagon. You can see above that we had some fun photo opportunities with hay bales, a wall of pumpkins, and a Native American themed photo booth. There’s also a giant hay bale spider. I caught a pic of Chris and Michael playing football together.

Later that week we went to the fair. We saw tigers and strange animals…like a four horned ram and a midget bull. We also saw a camel at the petting zoo.

RockRanch2013 070

If you scroll up to the big picture at the beginning you’ll see me modeling my favorite Fall outfit. I got the large sweater and leggings from Target. It’s hard to see but I also have this neat owl necklace.  So cozy!

RockRanch2013 071

This month has been unpredictable with our government and worries over Chris’ job and pay as a Veteran. But the Lord is good and continues to work things out. We’ve had some great times despite the chaos in the media and our nation. I pray our family will be strong no matter what comes our way and that we will always cherish the tender moments. Michael is only 7 once.

RockRanch2013 073

Here’s something fun. These pumpkin gingerbread cookies were great with cider. I picked out and bought my own personalized cookie cutter kit awhile back (online). So I got out some cookie cutters that are a bit unusual. You can see the key shape. We’ve also got a kitty cat, owls, brooms, and I tried a spider web but it didn’t work.  I’ve got plenty others to try in the future. I’m looking forward to the wrench cookie cutter :). I’ve got baby stuff cookie cutters for my friend’s baby shower too.


Anywho, it was nice to make gingerbread with a Fall twist. I got the recipe here:

I messed up on the icing because I ran out of powdered sugar. Yeah, regular sugar does not work the same! I turned my frosting disaster into something good by cooking it with apples and making “apple turnovers” with a can of biscuits. They were great for breakfast :).

Fairs and festivals remind me of the fleeting years of childhood. Cotton candy and hayrides…memories that we make for a season and then they are gone forever. May we put our worries aside and cherish the simple joys. They mean the most.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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