The High King Lives

My Family Rocks! Sunday: The Flu November 17, 2013

Hello dear ones! So I’ve been out of it for a week. My family caught the flu, starting with Chris and ending with me.  We’re all getting better. We’ve been taking a lot of Vitamin C and Elderberry. The guys were on Tamiflu for a bit but decided to come off of it.  It just has some strange possible side effects. I prefer not to take anything that could possibly make me hallucinate.  The good news is that Chris had a whole week off of school/work. We’ve gotten much needed family time…even if most of it was spent watching Robin Hood episodes.

India2013 007       The scariest part of all this was Michael’s high fever for two days. I panicked and had Chris take him to the ER but that trip didn’t do anything for the fever. That night Michael threw up his Tamiflu. The fever went up and down all the next day too. By the third day Michael’s fever was gone. He woke up and worked on school work on his own.

Fevers can be good. They mean the body is fighting. Also kids can handle higher temps than adults. I just get a bit panicky when my one and only lil man feels bad. I was so busy taking care of my guys that I didn’t guard my own health. Thankfully Chris was starting to feel better when I was feeling the worst. He’s been a great doctor. Also my Mom dropped off some supplies on the front porch and a card to make us feel better. She’s been our over the phone doctor.

Before I got real sick I made potato soup for everyone. It’s a family tradition during illness. My Granny and Mom taught me how. It’s basically potatoes, water, a little salt and pepper, butter, and milk. It’s supposed to be somewhat bland so it’s easier on the stomach. I like more milk and salt in mine.

India2013 009

We were able to make up school work but NaNoWriMo is almost sunk. I don’t think it’s possible for me to get my word count. I didn’t write all week. I’m going to write anyways and see how much I can do even if I don’t reach 50,000 words. What a week…

I did manage to make some mini pecan pies yesterday. So I’m starting to get normal.

India2013 056

Here’s the recipe (except I used packaged pie crusts):

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Thank you for your continued prayers.


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