The High King Lives

Crafty Monday: Our Julius Caesar Party (Rome Week 1) November 25, 2013

In this post: Our first week studying Rome and the Caesar family, Julius and Octavian (Augustus). Also links to past Thanksgiving crafts.

Hello dear ones! This will be short and to the point today.  Below is a list of what’s pictured and at the end are links to last years Thanksgiving crafts.

  • We ate like Romans with Pita bread and feta cheese. We also had apples with yogurt and honey.
  • We read about the Caesars in The Story of the World. Then had a Julius Caesar party with Little Caesar’s Pizza, a Caesar salad, and  a homemade orange Julius. I didn’t follow a recipe but I figured it was close enough. I just put orange sherbert and milk in the blender.
  • We watched the movie Caesar and Cleopatra on Netflix.
  • Here’s a good way to remember the order of the first Caesars. July comes before August. Julius before Augustus (a.k.a Octavian).  Those months were named after the Caesars.
  • We did a small lapbook on Rome from here:  . That’s where we found out what food they ate.
  • We studied pictures of coins with Caesar on them. We couldn’t make a good enough impression so we just wrote roman numerals and Caesar’s name on clay coins.


  • We attempted to make a Roman aqueduct out of Legos but didn’t have enough. So instead we made a crude aqueduct out of clay.
  • We took our Greek gods mobile and just changed the names to the Roman gods.  We read a story about Cupid and talked about how he shows up in Valentine’s cards etc. We also talked about how we got our planet names from the Roman gods. More found here:
  • Michael drew the Roman Colosseum from his Draw and Write Through History book.
  • He played this Roman Aqueduct game found here:

That’s it :). We have two more weeks of Rome after Thanksgiving Break and then plenty of free time til January. It’ll be nice to take a long holiday break for once.  Last year, we studied the pilgrims and native Americans. We had many fun crafts so I hope you check them out :).

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Last Week:

Rome Week 2:

Rome Week 3:


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