The High King Lives

Rome Week 2 December 11, 2013

In our second week of studying Rome we learned about the gladiators and the rise of Christianity in The Story of the World. Michael drew a gladiator and lion from his Draw and Write Through History book. We read about the different gladiator types in 500 Things You Should Know About History. Then Michael had to dress the gladiators appropriately in this interactive game:

Michael read You Wouldn’t Want to be a Roman Gladiator online:

I printed out this free lapbook here:

We made the sword and trident out of cardboard, the net is packing paper, and the helmet is made out of a milk jug, paper, glitter, a tp roll, and feathers.  Lastly, Chris and Michael had a “fight” in the arena living room. I was the emperor and I gave the thumbs down or thumbs up. I did both so Michael would remember what they mean’t. We were goofy but I did have a serious talk with Michael about how bad the arena was and Christian persecution. 


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: We have one more week left of Rome.

More ideas here:

Week 1

Week 3:


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