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Israel Country Study 2013 December 13, 2013

In this post: My buddy Hannah and I tag teamed to teach the homeschool group about Israel.

Hello dear ones! This was a fun country study with our group and very appropriate near Christmas since Jesus was a Jew. Michael and I taught the kids and a parent how to do the Nigun Atik, an Israeli folk dance. I showed the kids my dance flag with Hebrew writing on it. I also brought my authentic shofar from Israel, that our puppy had chewed :(…and my mezuzah. I let the kids hear the Israeli national anthem and then I read the words in English.

Hannah showed us Israel on the map. She brought out her menorah and her prayer shawl. We also got to hear the Hanukkah story and make pocket driedals to hold gelt. All of the moms brought Israeli food. I brought Malabi, Israeli pudding, along with toppings.

It was great leading a dance again. My bad foot is suffering for it but I had fun.  I’m so proud of Michael for helping me the way he did. We showed the kids each step in a line first. After they practiced in a line we tried it in a circle. Then we did the same with step two (I didn’t show the whole dance….way too complicated). Once we put the steps together in a circle we then practiced to a slow song and then we tried faster songs.

I found a great Israeli cd on Itunes: Shiron L’Noar: Jewish Songs for Children Ages 10-13

Children are singing and it’s just beautiful.

More ideas here:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover



2 Responses to “Israel Country Study 2013”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    This is really cool Amber! Proud of you and Michael! Great that everyone contributed. The kids too for trying! love you, Mom

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