The High King Lives

Middle Ages Week 1: Celts, Anglo-Saxons, & King Arthur February 8, 2014

In this Post: Anglo-Saxon wattle & daub houses, an Anglo-Saxon  feast, Celtic crafts (pin & cross), and illuminated manuscripts. Also a neat castle and our attempt at ice bubbles. And more!

Hello dear ones! It’s been forever I know! We just finished our fifth week of the middle ages and I am just now posting week one for ya’ll. I just didn’t catch up like I wanted to after the wreck. Things have been great though but crazy. I just found out that I’m going on a missions trip to Belize this Summer. So much is going on and I’m pumped! I can’t wait to share the highlights of 2013 and my bucket list for 2014. But first I want to catch you up on the Middle Ages.

Ya know, the ancient world was fun but I really love the Middle Ages. I would not want to live in that time but it’s fun to romance about. We began our study with the Celts and Anglo-Saxons. We’re still using Story of the World (now book 2) and lovin’ it. I got inspiration from a couple Mommy blogs. I’ll post the links after the picture. PS: We don’t use the SOW activity pages. We just read the books.

I found a Celtic melody online and played it on my flute. I’m wearing the Jester hat that I made last year for our trip to Medieval Times. Michael, Chris, and I made an Anglo-Saxon wattle and daub house out of clay, tooth pics, and yarn. We made a Celtic (or Byzantine) cross out of cardboard and fake gems. I made a Celtic pin out of gold wire.  I ordered this Celtic book of fairy tales here:

More after the pic….


Our wreck happened half way through so some crafts waited til the next weeks.  We watched several shows on Netflix. *As always I encourage you to review the movies before you let your child see them. All parents have different standards.  My least favorite series was by Terry Jones. It was not family friendly for a history on the Middle Ages. Michael had to turn his head several times and we just quit with it. I liked The Dark Ages by the History Channel but it is blunt and made for adults. So we skipped a few parts. My favorite series is Monarchy and we’ll be watching it through out our study.

We learned about the legends of King Arthur. There are many opinions on who King Arthur was based on but there is no evidence that he was real.  I personally believe that he’s based on King Offa.  We watched a few episodes of Merlin. It’s not based in any fact. The castles back in those days before the Normans were made mainly of wood. And of course…people weren’t born with the magic.  But it is a basically clean series that shows medieval medicine and dress. Just watch out for the spiritual side and some scary episodes in the last season. We only watched a few episodes because of the spiritual element. Michael had never seen the show before though I enjoy it. We never got to Disney’s Sword in the Stone but it’s on our to do list. We also watched First Knight, again parental discretion advised. I think as a kid I fell in love with the Arthurian tale because of this movie. It stars Sean Connery as Arthur and Richard Gere as Lancelot. There’s an intense kiss and battle action but it’s very PG compared to most movies today. King Arthur gives a wonderful speech on God, morality, and the law.

We had a huge Anglo-Saxon/ Celtic feast. Turkey comes from the New World so it wouldn’t have been eaten during the Middle Ages. Still, huge turkey legs are a favorite at Ren. fairs and Medieval festivals. So Chris grilled turkey legs and I made Anglo-Saxon pottage. I didn’t have Maslin bread but I bought something similar.

We learned about Medieval monks and St. Augustine. My favorite craft was the illuminated manuscript book. I actually used medieval fonts and typed out The Apostle’s Creed. Then we made the cover out of a paper bag. There’s a link later with instructions. Michael helped color/ illuminate the writing. I made a page with blank spots so Michael could practice his cursive.  We also looked at some funny “Star Wars Illuminated script”. I set up a Monk’s post in Michael’s cardboard castle (that we got on sale at Michaels craft store).  We’re putting our medieval jewelry, decor, and clothes inside the castle. It’s fun :).

Lastly, we had a cold week and attempted to blow ice bubbles. It came close but popped. Anywho, I have several links for you and later the link to week 2. We’ll be learning about Japan and the Franks. I can’t wait!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Middle Ages Pinterest:

Netflix links for Story of the World:

Anglo-Saxon pottage:

Medieval Fonts used for Illuminated Manuscripts:

Medieval Book Cover:

Celtic Pin:

Celtic/ Byzantine Cross:

Rome Week 3:

Middle Ages Week 2:


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