The High King Lives

The Renaissance Week 1: The Reformation & Great Artists March 6, 2014

In this post: From Martin Luther to Leonardo da Vinci this is a very enlightening week. We’ve got tons of art and fun! Come join us for the first week of the Renaissance :). 

Hello dear ones! Our first week of the Renaissance went really well. We had several great books and activities to enhance our learning. I say “our” because I really learned a lot too.  We began with reading The Story of the World Book 2 and the chapter on the reformation. We read “Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World” and Michael “nailed” the 95 Theses on our front door.  Michael practiced his cursive and memory work by learning the 5 Solas.  He read a book about the printing press and Johann Gutenberg. We also watched a video about Gutenberg. You can find the link on my Pinterest (links will be at the bottom). We moved the Bible on the Bible timeline. The printing press really helped the reformation, making Bibles easy to get a hold of. Michael read about William Tyndale in his devotional.  Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Old Testament into English. The corrupt leaders of the Catholic church at the time did not want commoners reading the Bible for themselves. Speaking of the Inquisition and such…we also watched an old Carman music video called “Great God”.  I loved it as a kid and still love the cheesy but somewhat historical video. Michael thought it was awesome! 🙂

We also focused on art this week. We learned about several Renaissance artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo. Michael read “Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?” We watched a documentary on da Vinci and we watched “Ever After” for fun since da Vinci is in it.  Michael painted his own Mona Lisa and he made a Mona Lisa parody. She’s a robot in space….with a mustache. There’s also a comic page. Leo. was most likely dyslexic and he was also left handed. So it makes sense that he wrote in a mirrored fashion. Michael took a shot at his own mirror writing. We found a sketch inspired by The Virgin of the Rocks, a da Vinvi painting, on a blog. It’ll be in my link. I didn’t use the sketch itself because I wanted the outline on canvas. So I used the inspiration for my inspiration as I drew it. Then Michael and I followed the instructions for painting. It’s definitely interesting and our own.  Lastly, Chris helped Michael put together a da Vinci helicopter kit from Hobby Lobby. It can’t fly but it’s the neatest thing.

We also learned a little bit about Michelangelo and his work in the Sistine Chapel. Michael tried painting like Michelangelo by laying on his back, under a table. It was hard work but Michael did well. Hey, I never knew that God had red hair ;P lol! We ended the week with musketeers. I used a sheet, fabric paint, a foam cowboy hat, and a feather for Michael’s costume. I used magazine paper and duct tape for the sword. Michael drew a picture of a musketeer, from his Draw through History book. We also watched a video on Renaissance dances.

More after the picture…


Our homeschool group had our Valentine’s party a week late because of weather. The kiddos made mailboxes and exchanged valentines. We had treats of course. My buddy Hannah, the leader of the group, decided to come and we got to see her newborn baby, Miriam. The other pics are as follows: Chester, our psychotic kitty, attacking a doll in Michael’s castle (creepy!), Nana & Michael, Michael & Tessa (dog) in the reading pool, and the dolls “ice skating”. Miraculously the boy doll survived the kitty mauling and was able to skate as “Charlie White” with “Meryl Davis”. We really watched ice skating during the Olympics lol.



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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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