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The Holy Spirit & Fire: A Balanced View March 29, 2014

Finally, a balanced sermon on the Holy Spirit.  It may surprise you. Enjoy this vid by Shane Idleman. Remember email sub. to come to my blog to see the video.

I’ve spent lots of time in Baptist AND charismatic churches. I left the charismatic movement because of the pseudo holy spirit of kundalini that was brought into many churches (Hinduism). One day Lord willing, I’ll talk about what it took to bring me out of a movement I had been in for most of my Christian life. It’s great to hear a sermon about the power of the Holy Spirit that’s based in truth and discernment. Now, I go to a Baptist church but I still believe in the gifts and power of the Spirit. I believe my Pastor does too. I’ve even had people lay hands on me for prayer.

The reason I believe the terms  “baptized in the Holy Spirit” and “fire” are scary to some is because people think of the crazy stuff that’s going on in the emergent church. These terms were NEVER mean’t to correlate to so called “men of God” knocking people to the floor and Christians barking like dogs. The baptism of the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with holy laughter, seeking angels, and gold dust. I spent a good bit of time in that camp and it took God shaking me up to get me out of that. It was a very scary time in my life. I experienced some junk.  But on the other extreme you have those that believe the gifts have ceased. After I left the radical side of the charismatic movement, I was terrified of even the music I heard in the movement. I ran to theology and later into major legalism. Legalism felt safer than the demonic disorder I had experienced in the emergent church. But legalism is just as dangerous and it kills relationship.  So I completely get this message. I’ve been to both extremes but the Bible challenged both and God called me to balance.

I’m still trying to sort real faith and real movements of the Spirit verses the weird stuff I experienced for years. I’m still healing and learning to hear God’s voice. Discernment, Truth, and God’s power are supposed to go together. I like what Brother Shane says about the circus vs. the cemetary. Lol…animals verses zombies. Sorry, had to go there. Oh Lord, bring us the balance found in your word. Baptism is all about identity. It’s not what we see on “Christian” t.v. So you may be surprised by this message. I did an indepth study on Acts through Bob Jones University which is a conservative Baptist church. It lines up with what Brother Shane is preaching.  Anywho, I’ve said enough. Be blessed!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


5 Responses to “The Holy Spirit & Fire: A Balanced View”

  1. Kathyb Says:

    can you please remove my full name in the above post? I’m not comfortable putting it on the internet, stalking problem. thank you.

    • amberdover Says:

      Let me see if I can figure out how to remove it. I will try. WordPress automatically does it if that’s the name you put in. If I can’t then I’ll just erase the comment. God bless and I’m glad the sermon helped :). I praise God that he got me out of the false teachings I used to be in.

    • amberdover Says:

      Had to erase the comment. I couldn’t change your name. Only you can do that I think. But here’s what you originally posted: Amber, watched a sermon & decided to google the preacher who sounded good, then read his relation to gold dust, etc. So I googled Shane Idleman & gold dust to see what he had to say about it, if anything. I respect him so much. Thank you for posting this, as it is your article here that came up, and it has kept me from following wrong teaching. God bless you : )

      • Kathyb Says:

        Amber, that was so good of you to work to find a solution to getting my comment published anonymously. Thank you! I couldn’t find a way to edit it once I hit send, and had no idea my full name would appear. Thank you very much for the time you put into helping me. : )

      • amberdover Says:

        You’re welcome :). God bless!

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