The High King Lives

Our Unexpected Guest: Harold, the Turtle March 30, 2014

Hello dear ones! Last Tuesday we had quite the surprise. A turtle showed up in our yard, most likely the hawk dropped him.  The little fella had a scratched up shell and part of it was bleeding just a bit. You may remember my story about the hawk that attacked Penny, our hen.

Any ways, we can’t think of any other way the turtle got in our fenced in yard. For a moment I imagined he could be the baby turtle we had bought at the beach a couple years ago. It escaped out of the pool. But there’s no way it could’ve survived in our yard. The hawk probably caught Harold (I named him) in the nearby park and dropped him on the way to his nest. I hope the hawk doesn’t start dropping ducks or worse….snakes!

We decided to keep Harold until he healed. We set him next to Snowball, our guinea pig.  He, he, he…the pic reminds me of the Wonder Pets. Well, Harold recovered quicker than we thought. The next morning Michael ran to tell me that Harold had disappeared! Low and behold our little turtle had escaped and fallen on the floor! So sadly we decided that Harold was ready to be free. After church we took Harold to a pond and released him. It took a bit for him to swim away. We had to give him a push. He was happy to float and sun bathe. He really did look happy. I lingered a bit. I’ll miss the little guy.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Harold the Turtle


2 Responses to “Our Unexpected Guest: Harold, the Turtle”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    So sad to see Harold go. I am crying and I didn’t even meet him. Glad you guys came into his life and helped him along. I guess there have been people in our lives that we’ve had to do that too. It’s hard to say goodbye. We have two kittens that are feral that we helped a long, now it’s time to say goodbye….hopefully ha!

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