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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Purim & Princess Bride Date Night March 16, 2014

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Happy Purim everyone! Here’s last years Purim post. We’re reusing many of these crafts etc for a simple Purim this year. After a weekend of yard sale fund raising for Belize, I am exhausted. This also happened to be groceries time. So I may get to post our Hunger Games date night later…or I might not. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


In this Post:  The Hubby hosts a movie themed date night with The Princess Bride (wanna peanut?), Purim celebrations, & spring has sprung here…whether it wants to or not! Wizard of Oz links at the end.

Hello dear ones! I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. I will be posting back to back posts out of necessity and taking a short blogging break.  A couple Sundays back, I shared with you The Dating Divas website and how the hubby and I have started having regular date nights every other week. I printed out the ideas and put them in an old popcorn bucket.

This past week Chris chose The Princess Bride date night. Idea found at this link:

The hubby did not decorate but the house was already looking royal because of Purim. I found that incense is messy and way too smelly. I just thought it felt…

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Trials, the Goodness of God, and My Will March 13, 2014

” A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.” ~Proverbs 16:9 Amplified Bible  (Articles and a video that have spoken to me)

Hello dear ones! J.S. wrote the article that I wanted to write after my wreck. I just didn’t have the words to do it. Please check it out: .

         I do not believe that God causes someone to get raped, unborn children to be murdered, or all natural disasters. I do believe that God is all knowing and He is sovereign. I believe that He knows the world is fallen and sinful and he works what is to bring about his purposes. I believe because he is omniscient and all powerful, God can work anything to fit in His plan. I can’t believe that God caused my wreck to teach me a lesson or that He cursed my Dad with sickness to teach Him humility. That would go against God’s character of being good and loving. Now, I do believe that God allowed these things and then He used the circumstances to teach. Some people believe that God allowing something and causing it are the same thing. After all, God could stop the madness if He wanted. Let me give you something to think about.

Your, kid falls on the sidewalk and scrapes their knee. Maybe they were running too fast or maybe it was just an accident because those happen in life. You were near them. You could’ve grabbed them but you let them fall. Did you cause them to scrape their knee? Or did you just allow it to happen? Did you physically push them so they would learn not to run on the pavement? Or did you let them learn from their own mistakes? So you didn’t catch your kid and they accidentally fell of no mistake of their own. You pick your kid up, wash their wounds, and put on a band-aid. You give them a big hug and tell them to be careful next time. Should your kid hate you because you didn’t stop them from falling? Are you a bad parent because you let your child fall? It’s something to think about.

The issue of why God allows evil and how God can be sovereign is something that all people struggle with.  I encourage you to check out the articles below about evil and God’s sovereignty. They really are food for thought. I encourage you to post your questions to those who wrote the articles, not me, because I’m working through my own questions. I believe it also talks about verses in the Bible that seem to contradict one another, like Pharaoh hardening his heart but then it saying God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. I know you can find it on one of those sites.

God does warn us in His word, that there will be trials. This world is broken and life is hard. It’s still reeling from the curse caused by sin. One day God will fix things. We don’t know when or why He hasn’t already. But I will say this: I’m glad that God didn’t destroy all the wicked already because there is evil in everyone and I know none of us would have a chance to be born. I’m thankful that Christ hasn’t raptured the Christians yet, because there are still people who need to be saved. I believe God has allowed evil to continue because He’s merciful. To eradicate evil would mean cutting short the time of Salvation. I’m glad that I haven’t gotten what I deserve….because my low standard of righteousness (filthy rags to be exact) does not stand up to God’s high standards. I’m glad I’m not getting Hell. I’m glad God isn’t shutting me out of His presence, because He’s my best friend.  Anywho, back to trials. Below is a great Francis Chan video about trials. It really helped me.

Francis Chan ~Fiery Trials

Articles dealing with God’s sovereignty and goodness

Our will :This article is about children but it also broaches the subject of our will vs. God’s will. The Lord knows that I struggle with control & wanting to say what my will is.  Thank the Lord for His mercy.

So dear ones, we are on this journey together. None of us will ever completely understand things. We have finite brains. But I do hope that we can all trust that God is good and He loves us. Father God showed that when He sent Jesus to pay the ultimate price by His shed blood.  I love ya and I’m praying for you.

I ask that you pray for me. Some of you may know, but I believe God has called me to go to Belize with my church. I’m still waiting on my passport and raising money but it’s pretty much in the works. I’ll be working with the children’s ministry. Here’s the site with more info about what we’ll be doing:

I doubt I would have given this trip a second glance had I not had the wreck. God did use the wreck to teach me and to change my views. I wrestled with God ALOT about this trip. As a teen I would’ve loved to go. In fact, I tried going on missions trips but it never worked out. As a kid I was a “missionary” for career day. But now I am a mommy and wife. I’ve been content to stay home. So it sounded crazy this conviction and idea that kept hitting me in the face. It was painful to avoid it and I was amazed that I was able to get involved so easily. All the other times had been difficult.

My mother in law volunteered (before I decided to go) to keep Michael for a week in the Summer. It is very hard for me to be away from my lil one for that long. But God has worked out everything for me to go. Michael is almost 8 and it’ll be good for us to have space. That’s another hard change.

Because of this trip I’m able to be more involved with our new church. Michael and I enjoyed helping feed the homeless last month and hope to do it this month too. Honestly, I have missed doing hands on ministry like what I did as a teen.

So I can say that God took the bad situation of a very traumatic wreck and worked it out for my good. 1. We physically survived with minimal injuries. 2. We were able to get another vehicle, a blue pt cruiser that I really like. 3. My views on what is important in life have changed and I’ve become open to God flipping my world upside down.

Now, number three isn’t easy. I’m still reeling but…I know I’m going to see the fruit someday. I’m very uncomfortable with my life these days but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe I was too comfortable. Thank you for your prayers!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


The Renaissance Week 2: Poetry, Politics, & Astronomy March 8, 2014

In this post: Join us the last week of the Renaissance as we learn about Galileo, Shakespeare, & Queen Elizabeth!

Hello dear ones! We finished up the Renaissance by focusing on poetry, politics, and astronomy.

We began by reading The Story of the World book 2. We studied Copernicus, the Father of Astronomy, and his predecessor Galileo, the Father of modern Physics. I ordered a Galileo thermometer and weather station. The thermometer has glass orbs with a liquid that makes them float or sink according to the temperature. It’s a bit complicated to read but very nifty looking. Michael and I, put together a solar system kit. Copernicus introduced the idea during the Renaissance that the planets revolve around the Sun, not the Earth. The Catholic church banned his book. Galileo was able to use a telescope to prove Copernicus’ theory but he backed down for fear of being called a heretic. It should’ve never been a faith issue. True science supports the Bible and if you have true faith then you shouldn’t fear scientific discoveries. Anywho, Michael and I tag teamed the Galileo quote on the starry background. I found the idea online and will put links at the end.

Meanwhile, Michael read about the strange family life of Henry VIII’s children. You have “bloody” Mary and then you have Elizabeth who never married and brought about a golden age (the Elizabethan time period). Michael read “Who Was Queen Elizabeth?” We could’ve watched Monarchy on Netflix but didn’t get to it. Someone Queen Elizabeth probably enjoyed for entertainment n her later years was Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare took up a good bit of our week. We learned about quotes and words that he brought to the English language. Story of the World Book 2 had a very short and kid friendly version of Macbeth. We watched a PG rated movie on Hamlet but I feel it wasn’t as PG as it should’ve been. I had a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in an old storybook. We also read a poem in that set of books. Michael made and wore a Shakespeare mask. He also colored a picture of Queen Titania and King Oberon. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite Shakespeare story. I love the details of the illustrations in my copy. Lastly, I put together a very difficult paper Globe theater.

We had our last medieval feast with turkey pot pies and “ale” (ginger ale). So ours wasn’t homemade but it was tasty. Unfortunately, I think I had an allergic reaction to it. I have not had a pot pie in ages and a couple hours after I looked like a pink dalmatian. Who knows?  Michael researched Renaissance architects and finished his Renaissance lapbook.

Mom and Michael put together a rainbow chain. I gave them the wrong instructions so it didn’t turn out like the one I made before. I added a cotton cloud and it helped. Our house is now ready for St. Patty’s day! 🙂 Well, thanks for reading. We head to the age of exploration next.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover



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The Renaissance Week 1: The Reformation & Great Artists March 6, 2014

In this post: From Martin Luther to Leonardo da Vinci this is a very enlightening week. We’ve got tons of art and fun! Come join us for the first week of the Renaissance :). 

Hello dear ones! Our first week of the Renaissance went really well. We had several great books and activities to enhance our learning. I say “our” because I really learned a lot too.  We began with reading The Story of the World Book 2 and the chapter on the reformation. We read “Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World” and Michael “nailed” the 95 Theses on our front door.  Michael practiced his cursive and memory work by learning the 5 Solas.  He read a book about the printing press and Johann Gutenberg. We also watched a video about Gutenberg. You can find the link on my Pinterest (links will be at the bottom). We moved the Bible on the Bible timeline. The printing press really helped the reformation, making Bibles easy to get a hold of. Michael read about William Tyndale in his devotional.  Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Old Testament into English. The corrupt leaders of the Catholic church at the time did not want commoners reading the Bible for themselves. Speaking of the Inquisition and such…we also watched an old Carman music video called “Great God”.  I loved it as a kid and still love the cheesy but somewhat historical video. Michael thought it was awesome! 🙂

We also focused on art this week. We learned about several Renaissance artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo. Michael read “Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?” We watched a documentary on da Vinci and we watched “Ever After” for fun since da Vinci is in it.  Michael painted his own Mona Lisa and he made a Mona Lisa parody. She’s a robot in space….with a mustache. There’s also a comic page. Leo. was most likely dyslexic and he was also left handed. So it makes sense that he wrote in a mirrored fashion. Michael took a shot at his own mirror writing. We found a sketch inspired by The Virgin of the Rocks, a da Vinvi painting, on a blog. It’ll be in my link. I didn’t use the sketch itself because I wanted the outline on canvas. So I used the inspiration for my inspiration as I drew it. Then Michael and I followed the instructions for painting. It’s definitely interesting and our own.  Lastly, Chris helped Michael put together a da Vinci helicopter kit from Hobby Lobby. It can’t fly but it’s the neatest thing.

We also learned a little bit about Michelangelo and his work in the Sistine Chapel. Michael tried painting like Michelangelo by laying on his back, under a table. It was hard work but Michael did well. Hey, I never knew that God had red hair ;P lol! We ended the week with musketeers. I used a sheet, fabric paint, a foam cowboy hat, and a feather for Michael’s costume. I used magazine paper and duct tape for the sword. Michael drew a picture of a musketeer, from his Draw through History book. We also watched a video on Renaissance dances.

More after the picture…


Our homeschool group had our Valentine’s party a week late because of weather. The kiddos made mailboxes and exchanged valentines. We had treats of course. My buddy Hannah, the leader of the group, decided to come and we got to see her newborn baby, Miriam. The other pics are as follows: Chester, our psychotic kitty, attacking a doll in Michael’s castle (creepy!), Nana & Michael, Michael & Tessa (dog) in the reading pool, and the dolls “ice skating”. Miraculously the boy doll survived the kitty mauling and was able to skate as “Charlie White” with “Meryl Davis”. We really watched ice skating during the Olympics lol.



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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover