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A Complete Chronicles of Narnia Marathon Party April 9, 2014

Hello dear ones! I’ve got a unique and original party for you. This is a Narnian marathon party based on ALL of the books. I was inspired by many things but most of the crafts are all my own. I can’t wait to share with you! Here we go!

So I searched far and wide on Pinterest for Narnia party ideas. All I found was winter parties for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I wanted a party that had elements of all the books. My son Michael (who is about to be a big 8 yr old!) read all of the Narnia books during March. I promised him a Narnia movie marathon party for his hard work. So I had a month to work on this while Michael plugged away. He read 4 to 5 chapters a day to meet his goal.

Anywho, so I decided to make props that would represent the different books. I did major on the books that have been made into movies, but I also threw in little pieces and/or quotes to represent the lesser known books. You can tell that I mainly had a blast with my two favorites: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I’ve got some neat props for The Silver Chair & The Magician’s Nephew too. My favorite pieces are the wardrobe, Lucy’s mirror with Aslan in it, and the painting from the Dawn Treader.  Here, take a look at the pics first, then I’ll get to the details of how I brought it all together.



So…there’s a lot here. The most intricate props I worked on the week of. Some props I literally thought of the night before when I was setting up. None of these are hard and most of this was inexpensive. It looks more complex than it is. The easiest part was printing quotes from all of the books. I’ll put my Pinterest link at the end of this post.

Food: Meatballs, carrots & ranch, Turkish Delight, and Aslan cupcakes. Rootbeer floats with supper that night.

*I had a hard time finding Turkish Delight. T.J. Max was the only place I could find any and it was up front near the register. I’m so glad I found it because the last time I attempted Turkish Delight it was nasty. I’m not that fond of it anyways. I found mini lion figurines at Party City and I put them on the cupcakes. It was a box cake but the meatballs were homemade…and SOOOOO good. I stuck plastic swords in them. I got the plastic cups from Dollar Tree.

Movies: The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

*We only got through two of the movies that Friday because we had school. We carried our marathon into Saturday morning.

Activities: Eat, watch movies, role play, & I played a Narnian Lullaby on my flute.

*The sheet music will be on my Pinterest. I’ll also include my royal hairstyle. It was last minute but it fit. Michael loved Mr. Tumnus’ umbrella & going in and out of the wardrobe.


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

  • The wardrobe~ This wasn’t complicated at all. I took poster board and covered it with a wood patterned contact paper. I cut out cardboard shapes, covered them, &  glued them on the wardrobe to make it look like it had carvings. You can’t see this well because my camera didn’t do the wardrobe justice. You could see the carvings in person. I glued a jar lid for a handle. The wardrobe is three parts. There’s the door, where the door meets the side, & there’s inside the wardrobe. The inside of the wardrobe was done on brown party paper and I attached the top of the wardrobe to the top of the paper. Then I split the middle section in half so we could walk through it. Lastly. I glued fake fur and drew hangers etc on the inside. It would’ve been cool to get an actual wardrobe but that’s too expensive and we don’t have room for anything permanent.
  • The lamp post & Mr. Tumnus’ umbrella~ White sparkly tissue paper and white fabric for the snow. The umbrella I bought at Hobby Lobby for 5 bucks. The lamp post was last minute. I took the roll of brown paper and stuck a bird feeder on top of it. Michael colored a picture of Lucy inside of Mr. Tumnus’ house and I hung it up.
  • Peter’s shield ~ I found this coloring page and hung it up above the t.v. I used tissue paper to hide all the messy bits of my entertainment center.
  • Aslan’s Camp~ I glued a red plastic cloth to a hula hoop and hung it up for the tent. I printed out lion shapes on red paper and stuck them on yellow tissue paper for the banner. I put up quotes from the book & a picture of Aslan that Michael colored. I also printed out Aslan’s prophecy to put by the Aslan cupcakes.
  • The Wintry woods by Mr. Tumnus’ house~  The table had a wintry theme. I covered it with a white plastic cloth. By the way, all of the cloths were from the Dollar Tree. In the middle of the table I put a strip of the wood patterned contact paper with a paper wardrobe on it. Then I took the sparkly white tissue paper to make the wintry woods. I rolled it up and put it on the sides to section off that area.  The lion for Aslan was from Toys R Us. Mr. & Mrs. Beaver are from Hobby Lobby. I made a makeshift lamp pole out of wooden peg parts. I could not find a small lamp post in ay of the craft stores.
  • The White Witch’s Sleigh & her stone Captives~ I found the pattern for the sleigh online and made it out of thick paper. I really needed something thicker to hold the Turkish Delight. I had to prop the sleigh against a jar. I bought miniture animal figurines at Party City. I had stone spray paint at home and my hubby spray painted the animals with it. They really looked like statues so I was very pleased. I found the warrant printable online.
  • Snowy candles~ I found this neat idea on Pinterest. I put epsom salt in mason jars, tied twine around the mouth, and put a tealight candle inside. It looks like snow.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  • The living painting~ The ship painting isn’t exactly like the one in the movie. It is based more off a picture online. This is my version. I bought the frame and the wooden ship from Michael’s Craft Store. I printed a generic ship picture and glued it to canvas. Then I painted over it. I glued blue tissue paper to make it look like water was flowing from the painting. Then I glued the ship to the frame. This part has to sit on something so I pulled out a drawer. I covered the bottom of my entertainment center with a blue ocean themed plastic cloth. I really love this painting so it’s now in the homeschool room.
  • Lucy’s mirror with Aslan~ The picture doesn’t do this justice. The flash messes it up everytime and it’s not clear without it. I bought a silver plastic charger from the Dollar Tree. Then I painted Aslan as if he’s behind you, like in the movie. I wrote a quote from Aslan in the movie on top (what he says to Lucy in that scene)  and a quote from Coriakin on the bottom.
  • The Book of Incantations~ This is the book that tempts Lucy. I believe it is evil although there’s this great scene where a spell causes it to snow. By the way, I tried threading cotton balls on fishing line for snow and it was really tedious. I only made three and it just didn’t look right. It hung above the book anyways. It’s hard to see the words on the book in the pic above. But you can see the intricate patterns in the pictures below when I’m making everything. I bought a cardboard book shell from Michael’s craft store. I drew the title and patterns with a pencil. Then I used hot glue to trace it all. Once it dried I was able to paint it brown and the glue looks like a raised intricate pattern. I set it on wintry tissue paper and I put a quote about deception, nearby.
  • Aslan’s Table~ This was a last minute thing. I had a little box that I covered with brown felt. Then I took the plastic swords I had for meatballs and put seven of them on the table. The chocolate gold coins came from Party City.

The Magician’s Nephew

  • The Wood Between the Worlds & quotes~ I mainly have quotes from the book but I did want to make the wood between the worlds. It intrigues me. So I took some cardboard and watery paper. I glued moss for the grass and glass gems for the pools. I found them at the Dollar tree. You can find moss at any craft store. I bought the small trees at Hobby Lobby. I think the lion was from Party City. Anywho, this brought up an argument between me and Michael about whether or not Aslan could go to the wood between the worlds. I concluded that he looked good there. So that ends it.

The Silver Chair

  • The Garden Gate that Jill & Eustace use to get to Narnia~ Again I have quotes from the book. I decided to make my own version of the garden gate by spray painting a box with the stone spray paint. Then I glued on moss and glass gems.

The Horse and His Boy

  • Wooden horse from Michael’s craft store & quotes

Prince Caspian

  • Reepicheep pictures & quotes

The Last Battle

  • quotes & one in particular with Jewel the unicorn. I almost bought a unicorn figurine but it was too expensive.

Here are some pictures of the prep stage. Planning took the longest. Set up was an all nighter. It was worth it though. Michael was amazed. I kind of was too. I like to use my imagination and anything good that makes me feel younger is a plus.  With a little imagination you can pull off an inexpensive Narnia party too. It’s amazing what can be done with cardboard. And plastic table cloths can cover eyesores, act as back drops, and can even become snow or ocean.



After the party, I found more Narnia ideas…like golden play dough for Eustace as a dragon. Hmmm….maybe a Hobbit idea too. Hey!

Here’s the Pinterest link:

I hope you enjoyed visiting Narnia with me :). I pray I will encourage and inspire you to step out the box and throw your own unique parties. Feel free to use these ideas, I just ask that you link back to me. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Go to my Parties category to see all the other neat parties we’ve done, including date nights. We’ve got Harry Potter (mostly original), Time Machine parties for our study of the 20th century, the Hunger Games, Star Wars, and tons more. Please check it out 😉 and leave me some comment love.





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