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The 1600’s Week 3: India, Cristofori, Voltaire, Handel, the Iroquois, & Ben and Me April 29, 2014

In this post: India crafts & also an India country study with our group. Musical fun with Voltaire and Handel. Also a longhouse for the Iroquois. Come join us for week 3 of the 1600’s!

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well and safe. We’ve had stormy weather lately and tornado warnings. Praise God for keeping us safe. Well, it’s time to go back to the beginning of April and our last study on the 1600’s. This is how we did it:

  • We read about India in Story of the World Book 3. We read about the Indian kings who opened the door for English trade but also for eventual ruin & takeover. We read how a Muslim Indian King persecuted the Hindus and almost stamped Hinduism out. We read about the Indian king who built the Taj Mahal as a tomb and a memorial for his late wife. We put together this Taj Mahal painting inspired by I’ll put my links at the end. We made an Indian Elephant mask.  The week before, our homeschool group did an India country study. It seems appropriate to include it today. My buddy Hannah brought Indian clothes and trinkets to show the kids. She read us a book about an Indian little boy named Kali. Everyone brought Indian food. Then I led the kids in a Henna hands craft.
  • We read about the London fire, the battle between Charles I and Oliver Cromwell etc…, and the plague. We watched Horrible Histories’ video on the Great Fire.
  • We learned about Cristofori the inventor of the piano. We listened to “Cristofori’s Dream” a piece of music in honor or Cristofori. Michael made a piano pencil holder. We intended on making a thumb piano but never got to it. The link for it is on my Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots Pinterest folder if you’d like to make one.
  • We read about King Louis XIV, the Sun King of France. We also learned about Voltaire, a French philosopher. Michael wrote out one of Voltaire’s quotes.
  • We read about Prince Frederick of Prussia and how he gave the Germans a sense of nationality. We listened to Handel, a German born Baroque composer. Michael filled out a composer’s page on Handel while listening to “Messiah“. The composer’s page is neat because it has a biography on the composer and then you fill out a job application as if you are the composer.
  • Michael drew Squanto from his Draw and Write Through History book.
  • We read about Prince Philip’s War (actually Metacom, the Native American) with the English at Plymouth. We read about the Iroquois attacking the French in Canada and the Wampanaog tribe. Later we found out that the English had asked the Iroquois to drive the French out. At this time the battle for the New World has just begun. The European countries all want a piece of the land.  We made an Iroquois longhouse and we read a book about the peaceful Iroquois of modern times.
  • It was refreshing to learn about William Penn and how he successfully established a peaceful colony that got along with the natives. Penn established Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love) in the state now named after him, Pennsylvania. Penn was a quaker and so Michael and I talked about the Quaker beliefs….also the Quaker oatmeal guy :).
  • We got a head start on the 1700’s. Michael read Ben and Me and then we watched the movie. I love this little story. It’s about a mouse who helps Benjamin Franklin with all of his ideas.


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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