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Easter Week & Jesus, Our Passover Lamb Easter Drama May 11, 2014

In this post: Easter crafts, lapbooks, and snacks. Also lots of pictures from an interactive Easter Drama I wrote for our homeschool group, after the main picture. 

Hello dear ones! We took a holiday the week before Easter. We hung out, went to the library, etc….

  • We did a two day study/lapbook on the History of the Chocolate Bunny (links after the collage).  Michael ate a chocolate bunny and I made him a felt “chocolate” stuffed bunny. I read the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.
  • Michael made several foam crafts that I got from Michael’s Craft store.
  • We did an Easter lapbook about the passion of Jesus.
  • We watched The Gospel of John almost every day as we celebrated Holy Week and followed Jesus’ passion journey in the Bible. You can see our Holy Week calendar from last year.
  • I hosted an Easter celebration for our homeschool group. The pictures from the Easter drama I wrote are at the bottom of this post, after the links. I put our snacks in the first collage. I made cauliflower sheep in a veggie plate and bird’s nest with malt eggs. We colored and made several tomb crafts.  The ones in the first collage are what I sent home. The craft we did at the group are in the second collage.
  • We made a Peep banner.
  • Lastly, Michael painted a bird feeder. We researched which colors certain birds like.


Easter snacks

Easter crafts

Below are the pictures from the Easter drama I wrote. It’s actually based on the Passover drama my family does every year. I “Disney Jr-ed” it, so to speak. I made it interactive for the kids in our homeschool group and I added the Resurrection.

Here’s past posts when our family used the play.

This is our first year using it, with a set and all:

Last year we made puppets and read the play at the table:

Here’s how we did it this year:

  • We began with the story of Moses. I played the narrator and God. The other moms played Egyptians. The kids played the Hebrews. We imagined that we were slaves. My friend Stacie made one mean pharaoh lol. I just love her faces. Rachel played Pharaoh’s daughter and took pictures for me. Erin was the slave driver.
  • The kids took strips of orange and red tissue paper so they could be the burning bush. Michael played the grown up Moses (we forgot his staff by accident).  The kids helped Michael with telling Pharaoh to let God’s people go. They had a blast shouting out. I used red and blue plastic cloths for the river turning into blood. I felt like a magician pulling the cloth away lol.
  • Then the kids helped with the plagues. They threw fake locusts, paper balls for hail, paper frogs etc… They made buzzing noises for flies. The kids pretended to be Hebrew and Egyptian cattle. The Egyptian cattle pretended to die. The kids put a black blanket over the Egyptians for the plague of darkness. We got really serious for the last plague, as the Egyptians lost all their first born . The “Hebrews” put the blood of the Lamb over their door post. We used cotton swabs and red paint.
  • Now this is cool and was a complete accident on my part but a God thing: I forgot to bring the door post so I had to use the paper for the cross bar. It was perfect because the kids put the blood of the lamb on the door post and then during the Communion, Erin taped it onto the cross. So it looks like blood for the cross and really went well with the theme of Jesus being the Passover lamb.
  • So the second part is about how Jesus is our Passover Lamb. God passes over us and our sin because He sees the blood of Jesus. When we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord, then we accept the Passover Lamb. We’re saved just like the Hebrews were saved from death.
  • Michael played Jesus. He came out and quoted John 14:6. Then the kids sat at the table around “Jesus”. They got to be the disciples. It was so funny because one kid asked if he could be Peter and then a smaller boy asked if he could be God. We acted out the Lord’s Supper and the kids took communion. The kiddos cracked me up all day. A little boy named David asked if we were having beer, when I brought out the sparkling grape juice. Oh way a day!
  • David played the Roman soldier and “nailed” Jesus to the cross. Michael really got into the part  here. I was proud of how serious he was. Then Michael was put into a cardboad tomb. I called the kids to the tomb and we counted down. We imagined an earthquake. Meanwhile, Michael crawled out the back of the tomb and Erin played the Angel of the Lord. So the tomb was empty and the angel talked to us. Then Michael walked out and held up his arms. I pointed to the scars still visible. We shouted and clapped that Jesus is alive.
  • Then Michael stood in a chair with a white quilt on it for clouds. The angel then told us that Jesus would be coming back.
  • So after the play we ate lunch and ate our Easter snacks, cauliflower sheep and veggies and bird’s nests.
  • Then the kids made their tomb craft. They also took home a Resurrection coloring craft. The pictures are in the collage above.



God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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