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The 1700’s Week 1: Isaac Newton, Johannes Vermeer, Vivaldi, the Tulip King, & a Chinese Dragon May 11, 2014

In this post: We learn about the theory of gravity with Newton and we make a color wheel. Origami tulips for the Ottoman empire. A Chinese dragon and the music of Vivaldi. Plus Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” painting. Also Lego club and garden fun! 

Hello dear ones! I hope you are well. I’m super behind. Here’s week 1 of the 1700’s. This is how we learn:

  • We read about Isaac Newton in Story of the World Book 3. We did a couple gravity experiments and Michael calculated his weight on different planets. 
  • Michael read a comic called The Laws of Motion. Isaac Newton also came up with the color wheel. So we made our own.
  • Michael started reading “Who Was Paul Revere?
  • We read about Peter the Great from Russia. Michael did a composer study on Vivaldi and listened to his music.
  • Michael read about the artist Johannes Vermeer and did a water color painting of his “Girl with the Pearl Earring“.
  • We read about the “Tulip King” from the Ottoman empire. Chris and Michael made origami tulips. I wanted to make croissants for the time the Ottomans tried to tunnel under the German bakery but failed. There’s a neat story about how that pastry came about.  We never got to it though.
  • We read about the English in India and Michael made a thumbprint peacock, since it’s India’s national bird.
  • We read about China during the 1700’s and made a Chinese dragon. In the story we pretended to take a journey across China while riding the imperial dragon.
  • We were prepping for our garden. So Michael read about the life cycle of a carrot and we planted our own. He found a couple of earth worms to throw in.
  • Michael had Lego Club and he made the lighthouse of Alexandria. The Lego Club is free and you can find it on
  • I didn’t feel well one day, so Michael drew me a picture and made me lunch. I’m so thankful for my buddy. 🙂

Well, links are after the picture. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

The 1700'sWeek1

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